Three amazing “green” ways to treat breakouts

If you suffer from acne or regular breakouts, you may think that running to the pharmacy or your doctor is the easiest and best thing to do every time your skin flares up … but it really isn’t!

In fact, it’s the all-natural, homemade remedies that best treat acne in the long-term. This is because antibiotics and analgesics only help reduce symptoms immediately. In the long term, they can actually cause severe problems and side effects.

On that note, I’m sharing three super-simple ways to treat your acne the “green” way. Your skin is sure to thank you!

cinnamon honey mask 4

Three all-natural breakout treatments

#1: Yoghurt, honey and cinnamon mask

Honey and cinnamon both pack impressive antibiotic properties, while yoghurt soothes irritation and reduces redness.

You’ll need:

  • 1/2 cup unsweetened full fat yoghurt
  • 2 tbsp raw honey
  • 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
  • Small bowl

What to do:

  1. In a small bowl, combine the ingredients to form a paste.
  2. Apply the mask to clean skin and leave it on for 10 minutes.
  3. Wash the mask off with warm water and pat dry.

#2: Face steaming

If you’re looking for an easy, non-invasive way to loosen oil and dirt that’s clogging your pores and causing your breakouts, look no further than face steaming. Steam is an excellent immediate cleanser, and practising it regularly can help improve your skin health in the long term.

You’ll need:

  • 1 pot boiling water
  • Handful of organic mint, basil or lavender
  • 1 fresh towel
  • Large bowl

What to do:

  1. Pour the boiling water into a heat-safe bowl and toss in the herbs.
  2. While you wash any make-up or residue off your face, let the water cool.
  3. Carefully hover your face about 15 cm above the surface of the water and drape the towel over your head so it catches the steam.
  4. Steam your face for 10 to 15 minutes. Be sure to breathe deeply to inhale the herbs you’ve added … they’re a great source of aromatherapy!
  5. When you’re done, pat your face dry.

#3: Honey and lemon toner

Both honey and lemons are antibiotic, so this is a powerful combination to help deep-clean your pores and treat any blemishes you may have to prevent future breakouts.

You’ll need:

  • 1/2 lemon
  • 2 tbsp raw honey
  • Small bowl

What to do:

  1. Squeeze the lemon juice into a small bowl. Add in the honey, then stir to combine.
  2. With clean hands, carefully apply the tone to your face, gently massaging it in as you go.
  3. Leave the toner on your skin for five minutes, then gently rinse it off with cool water.

Share your top natural breakout treatments and tips with me in the comments below!


Beat Dry Skin With BioNike PROXERA Intensive Face Serum

Dry skin isn’t so pretty, is it? I’ll admit that I struggle with a dry skin type, which can often be very frustrating to handle and treat. If you can relate to this skin issue, you’ll be ecstatic to know that I’ve found a single product that can help you beat dry skin in a heartbeat – say hello to BioNike PROXERA Intensive Face Serum!


Both affordable and locally available (you can pick a tube up at Dis-Chem Pharmacy at R235 a pop), this silky smooth serum exploits the properties of hyaluronic acid, which it combines with a number of fragments to prevent water loss and help hydrate even the deepest layers of your skin.

The serum also helps normalise the cell renewal process, and protects your skin from damage caused by external agents. The result? Improved elasticity and tone – voila! Plus, it’s designed for “dry to very dry skin”, so you can bet that it will work its magic on even the driest of complexions.

When I first came across this product, I had no idea it would work this well. I apply it both day and night after cleansing my skin. My skin drinks it up quickly and within an hour of applying, usually looks and feels fresh and plump. Plus, a little goes a long way – two generous dollops are all you need to moisturise your entire face.

Since I started using this magical product just over a month ago, I no longer suffer from severely dry or flaky skin. Not even in the areas prone to dryness, such as my forehead, chin and nose. Instead, my face feels fresh and hydrated, and I feel confident about my skin!

If you suffer from dry skin, I highly recommend you try this product out. Even if you don’t, remember that winter’s coming up. What I’m saying is that during the colder months of the year, everyone’s skin is prone to dryness, so you might find this serum very handy. Let me know your thoughts!

Master the dewy glow with Beauty Fix

Make-up setting sprays have been getting lots of praise in the beauty community lately … have you noticed? I’ve been using a setting spray to set and freshen up my make-up for a good while now, but it wasn’t until last week that I discovered Beauty Fix Radiant Make-Up Finish – the hydrating and nourishing mist made with divine all-natural ingredients like rosewater, aloe vera extract and cucumber extract.

Beauty Fix is a lightweight make-up setting spray that’s suitable for all skin types due to its gentle, skin-loving ingredients. All you do is mist the product over your face after you’ve finished applying your make-up for a gorgeous, radiant glow. I don’t know about you, but I sometimes catch my skin looking too powdery, and it’s until I tried this specific setting spray that I no longer had the “cakey-ness” issue.




Here’s the description of the product taken from Beauty Fix’s website: “Look and feel fresh with radiant make-up finish. This superfine mist blends make-up revitalises the skin. It provides a gentle breeze of clarity and calm, leaving the skin feeling soft and supple. Each spritz releases the luxurious scent of a bouquet of roses.”

When this spray hits your face, your skin feels wonderful … it’s especially refreshing when your skin is feeling dry and tired or hot and flustered. The amazing thing about it is it locks in all of the product that you have on your face and makes everything blend in well together.

Any colour on your face is instantly intensified – in a good way, of course – whether it be your highlighter, bronzer, blush, eye shadow or eyeliner. I fan my face for about 10 to 15 seconds to let the spray dry, and the result is dewy, flawless make-up! You all know how stunning a fresh and dewy complexion looks, right?

The product’s nozzle design makes the spray come out in an extremely fine mist … did I mention how fabulous it feels? Plus, the fresh flowery scent is just luxurious! It really does smell just like a bunch of fresh roses … and what girl doesn’t love roses? When spraying, I hold the bottle about 20cm away from my face and spray three times – once directly from the front, and twice from the sides of my face.

I prefer using the spray when I’m done doing all of my make-up, but you can also use it as a primer on clean skin before you start applying your make-up, or just after your foundation and powder application. What’s more, is this spray is also great for freshening up your skin during the day … the cute little bottle is conveniently handbag-sized for touch-ups!

Beauty Fix Radiant Make-Up Finish has definitely crossed over to my Holy Grail list. I’m actually pretty mad at myself for not trying it sooner! It’s really impressed me … the difference in my make-up is astonishing! It brings everything out and makes my skin look and feel super-healthy! To locate your nearest stockist of this must-have beauty buy, go here.

Top five BB creams for summer

A darling of the beauty world, beauty balm – or BB cream for short – brings tons of skin correcting benefits. In the summer, I use this product as an all-in-one replacement for my moisturiser, face sunscreen and foundation. It makes sense, doesn’t it? I mean, who wants to be caked up during the hot months of the year? Here are my five favourite BB creams for flawless, radiant skin that are perfect for wearing in the summertime!




#1: Revlon Photoready BB Cream (SPF 30)

If you’re looking for just the slightest amount of coverage, this BB cream is your perfect fit. The formula actually feels more like a tinted moisturiser than a BB cream, so it evens out skin tone without making your skin feel weighed down or sticky. It’s also budget-friendly!


bb revlon


#2: MAC Prep + Prime BB Beauty Balm Compact (SPF 30)

As you now know, I’m a massive BB cream fan … but some can be really messy to work with! This fabulous version by MAC comes in a super-sleek compact with an applicator sponge, so you don’t have to worry about getting product all over your fingers.


bb MAC


#3: L’oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB

This BB cream packs incredible colour-matching technology! It actually pretty fascinating. The product goes on white, but then transforms to match your skin’s undertone and shade perfectly … how cool is that? If you struggle finding a BB cream to suit your skin tone, this product will save your life.


bb loreal


#4: Bobbi Brown BB Cream (SPF 35)

Despite the high sun protection factor, this BB cream by well-loved brand Bobbi Brown provides totally light coverage! This range of BB cream is unfortunately only suitable for fair-skinned ladies, as it only has relatively fair shades available. It does, however, have a wider range of undertones than a lot of other brands.


bb bobbi brown


#5: Shiseido Perfect Hydrating BB Cream (SPF 35)

All BB creams blend easily to match your skin tone and lend your complexion a touch of radiance … but Shiseido’s is by far the best at it! Though it has a higher sun protection factor than most other BB creams on the market, it won’t feel heavy on your face. It’s also super-hydrating, making it the perfect choice for dry skin types.


bb shiseido


What’s your favourite BB cream?

Five handy tricks to take your look from desk to dinner in a snap

It’s almost the end of the work day, and you’re looking a little more nap-ready than dinner date-ready. While the fluorescent lights in the office are never flattering, the reflection in the mirror may not be as deceiving as you’d hope!


Not to worry though … I can help you with that! With a spritz of dry shampoo, a dab of lipstick and a few other quick tips, you can take your look from office to afterhours and still make your reservation!


large (1)


#1: Freshen up your complexion

Being stuck inside an office all day can leave your skin looking dull and feeling dry. To fix this problem, mist your skin with a hydrating spray like MAC Prep + Prime Fix + Spray. Just one brief spray will give your face a great dose of hydration. As a bonus, it will also refresh your morning’s make-up application.

If you’re suffering from very tired or flaky skin, you might also want to prep your morning skin with a primer. I highly recommend MAC Prep + Prime Natural Radiance. Two pumps of the silky gel emulsion applied before your foundation is enough to smooth your skin, even out your skin tone, and lend your complexion a gorgeous natural-looking glow. It will also help your foundation glide on more seamlessly and keep it intact all day and evening long.

#2: Pump up the volume of your hair

Don’t let flat hair keep you from feeling your flirtiest! Lift flat, lifeless locks with this two-step deskside trick: Start off with a blast of dry shampoo like Fudge Urban Dry Shampoo to absorb excess oil, then use a hairbrush to switch your part to the other side for an instant root boost.

End-of-day flatness still getting you down? Then haul your travel-size hairspray out of your handbag, give your hair a light mist, then use a fine-tooth comb to tease your hair lightly from your roots downwards. I always keep a mini TRESemme Salon Finish Hairspray Extra Hold in my purse for emergencies. I love it because it smells lovely and fresh, and is easy to brush out if you accidentally use too much.

#3: Tight-line your upper and lower lids

Evening events call for darker eyes and dramatic lashes. However, applying another coat over morning mascara can easily result in a clumpy disaster. Yikes! So, instead of adding more mascara, further emphasise your eyes with a fine-point liner.

I’m a big fan of the Clinique Skinny Stick for darkening up my eyes in a snap. Use your liner to tight-line both your upper and lower lids by working it in between your lashes and then swiping it directly along your waterline. The effect will be subtle but sultry at the same time. It’s the easiest way to fake a fresh face and bright eyes!

#4: Give your features a glow

By this I don’t mean go full-on bronzed babe. Seriously – you don’t want to potentially look like a baked bronze mess at the dinner table! A light dusting of colour to your features will be just enough to beautify your post-work complexion.

Stila #17 Retractable Bronzing Brush and Inglot AMC Multicolour System Bronzing Powder are two of my top picks. Simply apply a touch of the product to your temples, your cupid’s bow and the centre of your chin as well as down the bridge of your nose. If you tend to feel naked without eye shadow on your lids but don’t have time to perfect a beautifully blended smokey eye, you can also sweep your bronzing powder into the crease of your eye for a quick and easy eye shadow alternative.

#5: Play up your pout

A bold lipstick is transformation in a tube, taking your look from day to evening in no time. My two go-to date night lipsticks are Lancôme Colour Design in Socialite (a playful punchy pink) and MAC Lipstick in Fashion Revival (a striking deep raspberry).

To keep your lipstick’s pigment in place, apply one coat, then gently blot with a blotting paper. This will remove excess oil and moisture that can interfere with your lipstick’s adhesion, but won’t remove any colour. Then, add another layer of lipstick to your lips for maximum impact and you’re ready to go! I’d suggest avoiding the maintenance of lipgloss.

Six beauty buys with SPF in them for summer

Repeat after me: “I will apply sunscreen every single day, just like my mom taught me.” Okay, now here’s how you follow through and actually do it! These fabulous beauty products make sun protection way easier because there’s killer SPF right there in the formula. Even better, they do it without compromising effectiveness, texture or scent. Now go forth and add them to your beauty routine right away!


#1: Dermalogica Pure Light SPF 50

This luxurious lotion provides your face with serious sun protection as well as intense hydration. The formula is surprisingly very lightweight, and feels comfortable on your skin. Botanicals like red and brown algae work to limit your skin’s own melanin production, which helps fight hyperpigmentation and improve an uneven complexion. Go here to locate a Dermalogica stockist near you.




#2: Physician’s Formula Talc-Free Mineral Airbrushing Pressed Powder SPF 30

This ultra-fine pressed mineral powder can be worn alone or over your liquid foundation for a flawless finish. The hypoallergenic, paraben-free, fragrance-free, non-comedogenic formula is suitable for all skins types – even the most sensitive skin. The powder helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pores and sun damage. You can purchase Physician’s Formula cosmetics at your nearest Dis-Chem Pharmacy.




#3: MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF 15

If you want to avoid sunburned, chapped or flaky lips this summer, this protective lip balm is your best friend! It comes in three different shades – Petting Pink, Fuschia Fix and Soothing Beige – all of which offer an all-natural sheen with a sheer wash of colour. Ingredients like almond oil, shea butter, avocado extract, wheat germ oil, and vitamins A and E help condition your lips by locking in moisture. Go here to find your nearest MAC store or counter.


download (1).jpg


#4: Bobbi Brown Protective Face Base SPF 50

This multi-beneficial daytime moisturiser provides a high level of sun protection and creates the perfect canvas for make-up, too! The light formula is loaded with antioxidants and stabilised avobenzone to protect you against the signs of ageing, and works best on normal to dry skin types. Ingredients like geranium and lavender oils give the product the most divine fragrance! Locate your nearest Bobbi Brown store or counter here.




#5: Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35

If you have dry, oily or acne-prone skin, you need to give this product a try. It’s a fabulous alternative to heavy coverage foundation for the summer. The thick yet creamy-soft formula blends easily and meshes well with skin. It provides a light to medium coverage and a gorgeous natural-looking satin finish that keeps excess shine in check for a good few hours. The range offers eight different shades, so you’re bound to find your perfect match. You can pick up Smashbox products at your local Woolworths, Foschini, Edgars or Red Square store.




#6: Clarins Bronzing Duo Mineral Powder Compact SPF 15

Looking for the sun in powder form? Then look no further! This pressed powder product is the only one you’ll need to fake glowing, sun-kissed skin this summer. The mineral-enriched bronzer is perfect for adding instant radiance to your complexion. It’s also fabulous for enhancing and contouring features like your cheekbones and collarbones. Click here to shop Clarins products online now.




Do you own any of these fantastic sun-protective products?

Ten must-have trendy accessories for the summer

Are your auto-replies ready? It’s time to run out of the office – summer parties have finally arrived! Whether you’re at a backyard pool party or hanging out at a beach bar, it’s the perfect time to showcase your favourite looks with the best accessories of the season. Let your fabulous outfit spark conversations with the sizzling pieces I’ve styled below!


large (2)


#1: Aviator sunglasses

I wear sunglasses all year round, but the summer just demands for more flair, which is why aviators are the perfect choice! They’re super-stylish, suit any face shape, and are very versatile. You can wear them with anything from a simple bikini to an elegant long dress. What’s more is there are so many gorgeous pairs of aviator sunnies to pick from! But, I’ll have you know that you can’t go wrong with these Original Aviator glasses by Ray-Ban.


large (8)


#2: Neutral platforms

If there’s one pair of shoes you’ve just got to have this summer, it’s a stylish pair of neutral platforms. They’re fabulous for slipping on after work or as you come off the beach before heading off for sundowners. You can even pair them with a pretty sundress or a crop top and maxi skirt for a smarter summer look. I adore these Larissa Wedges by Country Road.




#3: Large tote bag

Can you say handbag and beach bag in one? A large, roomy tote bag comes with endless possibilities! It’s perfect for rocking a boho beach look, or for pairing with a chambray shirt and white denim for looking polished on the city streets. I love both this laidback striped tote by Willow Tree, as well as this bright tribal print one by Spree.


large (4)


#4: Body chain

Probably this summer’s hottest accessory, a body chain is an essential part of any fashionista’s summer wardrobe. There are necklaces that run through the strap of your swimsuit and drape around your sides, belly chains that simply circle your hips, and even styles that travel underneath your crop top or lay on top of it. How fabulous is this gold double body chain by Rings & Things?


large (3)


#5: Beach towel

I’m all for making my beach towel part of my look! It does, after all, become my BFF when I’m tanning alongside the pool or cooling off on the beach after a swim, so why not? Pick one in a bright colour or with a fun print. I picked this oversized striped towel up from Woolworths recently for my beach holiday. It matches all of my bright and funky bikinis!


large (9)


#6: Choker necklace

I’m not referring to the velvet chokers from the 90s, but rather to the sleek new update in silver or gold. You can add the ultimate luxe touch to any summer look with one of these babies! They go especially well with a strapless dress and a pair of platform heels (can you say sultry?). I’m in love with this gorgeous gold one with crystals by Utopia.


large (10)


#7: Water bottle

Keeping your body hydrated this summer is essential. You won’t be able to maintain your glowing skin if you don’t! Considering your water bottle is going to be your sidekick, why not get a cute one? This elegant one by Sagaform is fab because it features a plastic infuser for placing fruit and herbs you want to keep out of your drink, but at the same time enjoy the flavours they release.


large (11)


#8: Metallic tattoos

I’ll admit it: I’m obsessed with adorning my body with these amazing new and temporary skin accessories. There are some really beautiful designs out there – some are made to resemble rings, bracelets and necklaces, while others are just seriously cool, slightly boho shapes and designs like arrows, eagles, palm trees, feathers and dreamcatchers. This gold and silver multi-pattern sheet by OnTrend SA is all you need to glam up your beach look!


large (7)


#9: Floppy sunhat

In addition to the style benefits, sunhats offers a slew of beauty-related health benefits, such as sun protection for your face and scalp. It’s a very easy and comfortable accessory to pull off as well. Pair it with a simple shirt dress and a pair of gladiator sandals for a chic casual look. This grey wide-brim hat by Tweet is a lovely, affordable buy!


large (12)


#10: Barefoot sandals

Whether you opt for crocheted ones, beaded ones, or ones with pretty charms dangling from them, they’re bound to quickly become your favourite sole-less shoes! Barefoot sandals are perfect for your next cruise, beach wedding or outdoor festival. These teal crocheted ones by OnTrend SA are to-die-for!




There you have it, darlings – the only ten accessories you need to look like a total babe this summer both on and off the beach!