Lose your unwanted belly fat with coconut oil!

Coconut oil is one of the most weight loss-friendly fats in the world. Rich in a combination of fatty acids, it promotes optimal metabolism function which ultimately helps with weight loss!

Several studies show that by simply adding coconut oil to your diet, you can lose fat – especially the “dangerous” fat in your abdominal area, which has been linked to chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

To learn more about how coconut oil can help you lose weight and belly fat, keep reading!


Four ways that coconut oil helps with fat loss

#1: Coconut oil boosts your energy levels

Coconut oil is comprised mainly of medium-chain triglycerides AKA MCTs and lauric acid. This essential fatty acid metabolises differently in comparison to other saturated fats, such as those you find in dairy and meat products.

Your body doesn’t store MCTs as fat, but instead transports them directly to your liver, where they’re quickly converted into energy. So what does this mean for your weight loss efforts?

By adding two or three tablespoons to your daily dietary regimen, you’ll boost your energy levels by an average of 5% for a full 24-hour period! I find that adding coconut oil to my morning smoothie is the best way to get my energy kick for the day.

#2: Coconut oil decreases hunger and curbs pesky cravings

You already know that MCTs go directly to your liver during digestion. Not only does this provide your body with a natural energy boost, the processing of MCTs also forms keytone bodies, which have the added benefit of reducing hunger and curbing cravings.

I recommend enjoying two to three tablespoons of coconut oil each day to feel fuller for longer and to kick the habit of snacking on unhealthy foods between meals. You can enjoy the oil in tea, coffee, smoothies or directly from the jar!

#3: Coconut oil burns fat amazingly fast

Are you looking to reduce your daily caloric intake and lose weight faster without compromising your health? Well, then, you’re in the right place. Coconut oil enhances your body’s ability to digest food and absorb nutrients so that you can eat less without feeling unsatisfied, tired or weak all the time.

Plus, because coconut oil is a natural mood enhancer, eating it daily will help you reduce your stress levels and feel more motivated to partake in heart-healthy activities, which will only help you burn off persistent fat stores even faster – bonus!

Consuming coconut oil regularly will power up your body’s fat-burning potential – especially for losing stubborn belly fat. It will also regulate your appetite, improve digestion and just make you feel great!

#4: Coconut oil helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels

Because your body absorbs coconut oil easily without the need for digestive enzymes, your pancreas is less stressed and able to produce insulin more effectively. Plus, as a saturated fat, coconut oil makes it easier for your cells to bind with insulin during digestion.

When your body has the required amounts of insulin, your cells get the glucose (or blood sugar) that they need to fuel your daily activities. So how exactly does this translate into belly fat loss?

A daily serving or two of coconut oil will help your body maintain healthy blood sugar levels by promoting the efficient use and production of insulin. As a result this will provide your cells with more glucose to give you energy and help you lose fat.

PS: Just remember – coconut oil is high in calories, so it’s important that you use it in moderation. I recommend limiting your intake to one or two tablespoons a day to avoid unwittingly sabotaging your weight loss efforts. Good luck!


Why you should start using coconut oil as toothpaste

You’ve heard it already – coconut oil has endless uses. But one you may be unaware of is that it’s an incredible base for toothpaste!

Conventional toothpastes are packed with harmful chemicals and agents, but alternative natural formulas are expensive.

So why not start using coconut oil as toothpaste as an affordable alternative that’s excellent for your oral health? Here are three reasons why you should make the switch ASAP.


Three benefits of brushing your teeth with coconut oil

#1: It’s completely natural

As already mentioned, one of the biggest downsides to traditional toothpastes is the harsh chemicals that they contain. Some toothpastes even provide a warning on the label that tells you to call poison control if you swallow some. If it’s not safe to swallow, do you really want to be using it?

Coconut oil, on the other hand, is completely natural. It contains no harmful chemicals and is actually super-healthy to eat, so if you swallow some, it would only benefit your health!

#2: It’s anti-bacterial

Coconut oil has powerful anti-bacterial properties and is very effective at killing the bad bacteria in your mouth. I like to think of it as Mother Nature’s mouthwash!

Oil pulling, which entails swishing coconut oil around in your mouth, will in fact give you the same effect as a traditional mouthwash. It’s a fantastic practice to adopt to improve your oral health.

#3: It contains no foaming agents

Toothpastes commonly contain a soap called sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS). It’s used as a foaming agent to give people the illusion that the toothpaste is cleaning their teeth simply because it’s foaming up.

However, SLS has been linked to canker sores, a very painful oral problem that you surely don’t want to deal with.

Must-read: The real deal on virgin organic coconut oil

Something funny has happened in the changeable world of healthy fats. Have you noticed?


Only a few years ago, coconut oil was deemed the devil itself in fat form, in that it was clogging the arteries and upping the heart attack risk of every patron unwitting enough (and unfortunate enough) to go to the movies and buy movie theatre popcorn.


Yes, a few years back, coconut oil was the oil of choice for movie theatres to use for popcorn popping…


Since then, everyone’s view on coconut oil has changed – big time. Let me tell you more…

large (2)


Coconut oil – once the villain, now the darling, of health foods

I want to elaborate a little more on past views of coconut oil. So, back to my popcorn story – I had to do quite a bit of research to find all this out. That’s because it was all the way back in 1994 that coconut oil was deemed a bad fat and was being used to make popcorn at movie theatres. I was only one years old back then, so forgive me for not knowing about this up until now…

Anyway, in the year of 1994, the Center for Science in the Public Interest published a study that claimed that a typical large movie theatre popcorn (hold the butter!) contained as much saturated fat as six Big Macs. Six! I’ll allow you some time to let that sink in…

I struck a conversation with my aunt, who spent many years of her life living in the states, about this, hoping to gain further insight. And I did. She told me she clearly remembers how everyone in the US used to gasp of horror at the mere thought of coconut oil. She too, apparently, was made to believe it was a major dietary danger. And, well, times are changing…

Why coconut oil is no longer the pariah it once was

I’m aware that not everyone’s like me, in a sense that I’m always searching for and looking to take part in the latest health trends. They do come and go, after all, at a rather dizzying pace. But I know that all of you have read about, or at least heard of, the latest coconut oil trend. It doesn’t matter how doggedly you try to ignore popular trends – you know about this one – that’s a fact.

So how did coconut oil suddenly become this popular?

large (1)

Here’s a picture of coconut cupcakes to break up all this text

All of a sudden, coconut oil is for sale everywhere. It’s in recipes everywhere. And the question is: Why? Also, when and how did it coconut oil steal the spotlight from olive oil? I’ll start by telling you a bit about my personal experience with this oil. This is what got me to take a healthy interest (and healthy curiosity) in coconut oil…

I’m going to be straightforward: It was a good – a really good – cup of coffee. That’s what got me interested in coconut oil at first. Yup, you just read that right. When I first heard of “bulletproof coffee” (go here to learn more about it and how to make it), my curiosity piqued. When I learned that it included butter (butter?!) and coconut oil (oil – in coffee?), I was intrigued. And because I’d just purchased a jar of coconut oil to use on my seasonal dry scalp, I decided to try make my own. And I loved it. Instantly.

I noticed increased energy levels and fewer sugar and carb cravings after about one week of drinking it with breakfast every morning. I was really impressed by these changes in my health. I mean, such great benefits from a cup of coffee? And that’s what got me reading everything – and I mean everything – I could find about coconut oil.

Let me share my newly-acquired knowledge on how coconut oil can benefit your health with you:

  • It boosts your metabolism: You can thank the medium chain fatty acids in the oil for this. They raise your body temperature and in turn give your metabolism as well as energy levels an enormous boost. temperature. These fatty acids can also assist you with weight loss and enhance your athletic performance.
  • It supports your immune system: Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid; a nutrient that supports immunity. Lauric acid does this by promoting anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial activities in your body. In turn, this helps ward off bacteria and viruses that cause flu and other illnesses.
  • It improves your thyroid function: Coconut oil helps to stimulate the activity and proper functioning of your thyroid gland, which provides energy, supports skin health and metabolism, and keeps your moods in balance.
  • It speeds up cell regeneration: When your metabolic rate increases, so does your cell regeneration rate. This means your body makes more cells and replaces the old, dead ones with new, healthy ones more quickly. You might even look younger!
  • It improves insulin secretion: Coconut oil can improve insulin secretion in your body and, in turn, help it better utilise glucose to balance insulin output. This can help relieve the symptoms of and reduce the health risks associated with diabetes.
  • It supports your brain and heart health: That’s all thanks to the healthy fats it’s loaded with!

This is all pretty cool, right? But it isn’t all! Coconut oil is more than just a good. You can also use it topically; as a deodorant, body scrub (when you mix it with brown sugar) or even toothpaste.

large (6)

I found this so funny!

In a nutshell, what I’ve just explained to you are all the reasons why coconut oil is now so popular. I’m not sure why it took researchers so long to conclude all these incredible benefits of this oil, I’m just happy that they did!

The takeaway: If you haven’t tried coconut oil yet, do it now

All in all, coconut oil is definitely worth a look (or two, or three) and at the very least, a trial period in your kitchen or bathroom – or both.

For additional reading, please go here to discover some seriously mind-blowing uses for coconut oil. Enjoy!

You’ve got to try this quick and easy coconut oil lotion recipe for healthy, hydrated skin!

Do you suffer from dry skin? Have you been looking for a homemade lotion recipe that really works?


Look no further than this simple coconut oil lotion recipe!


This concoction I’m about to share with you is super nourishing, wonderfully versatile and ridiculously easy to whip up.


Read on to find out all about it…

large (9)


Benefits of this coconut oil lotion

  • It’s non-greasy
  • It has flexible ingredients (you can use pretty much whatever you have on hand)
  • It smells delicious
  • It helps keep your skin hydrated for longer
  • It helps improve blood circulation

Nourishing hand and body coconut oil lotion recipe

You’ll need:

  • 1/4 cup coconut oil
  • 1/8 cup shea butter
  • 1/8 cup cocoa butter
  • 1 tbsp aloe vera juice
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 5-10 drops coconut essential oil


  1. Heat the shea butter, coconut oil and cocoa butter over low heat until melted.
  2. Remove from the heat.
  3. Stir in the aloe vera juice, olive oil and coconut essential oil. Make sure it’s combined well.
  4. Store the lotion in a container of your choice. I recommend small canning jars.

This lotion is solid at room temperature (just like coconut oil in its solid form), but it’s not too hard. It softens up really quickly in your hands.

How to use coconut oil lotion

If you want seriously soft and smooth skin that’s noticeably healthy, use your homemade lotion like this:

  1. Apply a little warm water to your arms, legs, hands, feet and elbows (areas of your body that are likely to be dry).
  2. Smooth the coconut oil lotion all over your body before bed. When you wake up, your skin will be intensely nourished and much happier (and healthier, too).

You can also keep the lotion in a small container (like an empty lip balm container) and use it on your lips, face and hands whenever these areas of your body feel dry. It’s a really practical product to keep in your handbag or on your desk at work. Especially during the cold winter months when your skin’s prone to dryness!

Six things you’re not doing with coconut oil – but really should be!

Coconut oil seems to do literally everything. In my opinion, it’s the James Franco of oils.


This oil is great because its uses and benefits are LITERALLY countless – and it works well with your wallet too. You might already know that coconut oil is good for boosting your immune system and removing your make-up.


But it’s good for tons of other things you didn’t know about too!


Today I’m letting you in on six of them…



Six things you need to try using coconut oil for

#1: Build a better meal

Not only does it rally as an all-in-one beauty, health and household MVP, coconut oil is also good enough to eat. Literally! Swap in the oil for butter and other fats you use to cook. It’s heart-healthy, and will help raise HDL cholesterol levels (the good kind), whilst boosting your metabolism and immunity.

#2: Refresh your face

Forget pricy, high-end make-up removers. This all-natural option does the trick just as well – if not better! Apply a small dollop to your face with your fingers. Wipe it off with a facial cloth, and then rinse your skin with warm water. It’s gentle, but it can handle the toughest of make-up remover jobs too.

#3: Score a silky smooth shave

Trade your tube of shaving cream for coconut oil and score a luxuriously smooth shave… So close you’ll practically beg others to give you a rubdown! Bonus: You can skip the post-shower lotion because it’s also intensely moisturising. The oil will also promote help healthy skin tissue and elasticity.

#4: Sweat it out

Coconut oil makes a wonderful all-natural deodorant – provided you aren’t that much of a heavy sweater. So before you next hit the gym, use some of the oil on your pits. Don’t use more than a teaspoon. The lauric acid it contains will help eradicate the bacteria that causes body odour.

#5: Pamper yourself!

Get your at-home TLC on! Simply massage coconut oil into your nail beds to moisturise dry, cracked cuticles. It’ll also stimulate nail growth. Bonus! So yes, you’ll feel like you’ve just given yourself a spa-style manicure. You’re welcome!

#6: Banish breakouts

You can alleviate redness and skin irritation by swapping your pre-slumber moisturiser with coconut oil. The lauric acid has antimicrobial activity, making it an instant acne zapper. After washing your face with a regular cleanser, apply a thin layer of the oil to combat ageing (it helps lessen the appearance of pores and wrinkles) and dryness – often the culprit behind blemishes.

Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting news ways to use this miracle oil.