Why you should start using coconut oil as toothpaste

You’ve heard it already – coconut oil has endless uses. But one you may be unaware of is that it’s an incredible base for toothpaste!

Conventional toothpastes are packed with harmful chemicals and agents, but alternative natural formulas are expensive.

So why not start using coconut oil as toothpaste as an affordable alternative that’s excellent for your oral health? Here are three reasons why you should make the switch ASAP.


Three benefits of brushing your teeth with coconut oil

#1: It’s completely natural

As already mentioned, one of the biggest downsides to traditional toothpastes is the harsh chemicals that they contain. Some toothpastes even provide a warning on the label that tells you to call poison control if you swallow some. If it’s not safe to swallow, do you really want to be using it?

Coconut oil, on the other hand, is completely natural. It contains no harmful chemicals and is actually super-healthy to eat, so if you swallow some, it would only benefit your health!

#2: It’s anti-bacterial

Coconut oil has powerful anti-bacterial properties and is very effective at killing the bad bacteria in your mouth. I like to think of it as Mother Nature’s mouthwash!

Oil pulling, which entails swishing coconut oil around in your mouth, will in fact give you the same effect as a traditional mouthwash. It’s a fantastic practice to adopt to improve your oral health.

#3: It contains no foaming agents

Toothpastes commonly contain a soap called sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS). It’s used as a foaming agent to give people the illusion that the toothpaste is cleaning their teeth simply because it’s foaming up.

However, SLS has been linked to canker sores, a very painful oral problem that you surely don’t want to deal with.


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