Five handy tricks to take your look from desk to dinner in a snap

It’s almost the end of the work day, and you’re looking a little more nap-ready than dinner date-ready. While the fluorescent lights in the office are never flattering, the reflection in the mirror may not be as deceiving as you’d hope!


Not to worry though … I can help you with that! With a spritz of dry shampoo, a dab of lipstick and a few other quick tips, you can take your look from office to afterhours and still make your reservation!


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#1: Freshen up your complexion

Being stuck inside an office all day can leave your skin looking dull and feeling dry. To fix this problem, mist your skin with a hydrating spray like MAC Prep + Prime Fix + Spray. Just one brief spray will give your face a great dose of hydration. As a bonus, it will also refresh your morning’s make-up application.

If you’re suffering from very tired or flaky skin, you might also want to prep your morning skin with a primer. I highly recommend MAC Prep + Prime Natural Radiance. Two pumps of the silky gel emulsion applied before your foundation is enough to smooth your skin, even out your skin tone, and lend your complexion a gorgeous natural-looking glow. It will also help your foundation glide on more seamlessly and keep it intact all day and evening long.

#2: Pump up the volume of your hair

Don’t let flat hair keep you from feeling your flirtiest! Lift flat, lifeless locks with this two-step deskside trick: Start off with a blast of dry shampoo like Fudge Urban Dry Shampoo to absorb excess oil, then use a hairbrush to switch your part to the other side for an instant root boost.

End-of-day flatness still getting you down? Then haul your travel-size hairspray out of your handbag, give your hair a light mist, then use a fine-tooth comb to tease your hair lightly from your roots downwards. I always keep a mini TRESemme Salon Finish Hairspray Extra Hold in my purse for emergencies. I love it because it smells lovely and fresh, and is easy to brush out if you accidentally use too much.

#3: Tight-line your upper and lower lids

Evening events call for darker eyes and dramatic lashes. However, applying another coat over morning mascara can easily result in a clumpy disaster. Yikes! So, instead of adding more mascara, further emphasise your eyes with a fine-point liner.

I’m a big fan of the Clinique Skinny Stick for darkening up my eyes in a snap. Use your liner to tight-line both your upper and lower lids by working it in between your lashes and then swiping it directly along your waterline. The effect will be subtle but sultry at the same time. It’s the easiest way to fake a fresh face and bright eyes!

#4: Give your features a glow

By this I don’t mean go full-on bronzed babe. Seriously – you don’t want to potentially look like a baked bronze mess at the dinner table! A light dusting of colour to your features will be just enough to beautify your post-work complexion.

Stila #17 Retractable Bronzing Brush and Inglot AMC Multicolour System Bronzing Powder are two of my top picks. Simply apply a touch of the product to your temples, your cupid’s bow and the centre of your chin as well as down the bridge of your nose. If you tend to feel naked without eye shadow on your lids but don’t have time to perfect a beautifully blended smokey eye, you can also sweep your bronzing powder into the crease of your eye for a quick and easy eye shadow alternative.

#5: Play up your pout

A bold lipstick is transformation in a tube, taking your look from day to evening in no time. My two go-to date night lipsticks are Lancôme Colour Design in Socialite (a playful punchy pink) and MAC Lipstick in Fashion Revival (a striking deep raspberry).

To keep your lipstick’s pigment in place, apply one coat, then gently blot with a blotting paper. This will remove excess oil and moisture that can interfere with your lipstick’s adhesion, but won’t remove any colour. Then, add another layer of lipstick to your lips for maximum impact and you’re ready to go! I’d suggest avoiding the maintenance of lipgloss.


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