Eight top tips to stay hydrated in the summer heat

It’s time to drink up … and by that I don’t mean heading to the nearest happy hour! A heat wave is upon us, so staying hydrated is super-important. But sometimes it’s a struggle to take in enough H20 … don’t you agree? To help you keep your body hydrated during the heat this summer, I’ve rounded up some handy tips you can use to meet your daily quota!


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#1: Add your own flavour to your water

I get it … plain old water can be pretty boring. But instead of using flavouring agents you see in supermarkets, opt for something more natural, such as mint leaves, orange slices or watermelon chunks. Want to amp up the taste even more? Then let your herb- and fruit-infused water sit in your fridge overnight.

#2: Consider water an appetiser

Drinking one glass of water before every meal can help you lose weight, according to studies. Just knowing that drinking up can help you eat less should be enough motivation to grab a glass!

#3: Track your water intake on your phone

Yup, there’s an app for that … in fact, there are several. Try Waterlogged for iPhone, or Water Your Body for both iPhone and Android. Not big on using apps? Then simply set a few alerts on your phone throughout the day to remind yourself to hit the water cooler.

#4: Keep water close at all times

Let’s be real for a minute … if you’re stuck at your desk all day or on the road traveling for hours, you’re not going to make it a priority to sip on water very often. The fix? Simply keep a big tumbler of H20 on your desk or a water bottle in your bag at all times so you have no excuse.

#5: Have a water bottle handy when you exercise

You know those muscle-y guys toting jugs of water around in the weight room? Well, it’s not as silly as it looks! If you head outside or to the gym to exercise without a water bottle, you’re not going to pause every few minutes to get a drink, so go prepared!

#6: Make drinking water part of your night out

If you’re out at a bar, you already know that you should be alternating a glass of water for every glass of wine … right?! But make it a habit to always drink at least one glass of water before bed when you get home from the party. Not only will this help you rehydrate after drinking, but it’ll make your hangover suck much less.

#7: Eat water-rich foods

Yes, really … it isn’t exactly cheating. You can technically hydrate your body with water-rich foods, which include celery, melons and cucumber. Soups with a light broth are also super for keeping your system hydrated.

#8: Order up something spicy

Adding fresh chilli or crushed red pepper to your plate of food will have you reaching for the water pitcher multiple times throughout dinner. Plus, studies show that hot peppers give your metabolism a boost … bonus!

Now go on and drink up!


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