How to get holiday-ready skin in four simple steps

During the summer, hot temperatures, high humidity and lots of sun exposure all contribute to water evaporating from your skin, leaving it dry and sometimes even burnt. Here are four fabulous tips to getting holiday-ready, radiant skin during the summer months!


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Four key steps to beautiful skin this summer

#1: Use a gentle cleanser

Bin the harsh cleansers for the season and switch to a gentle one that won’t dry out your skin. The sun can be harsh enough on your complexion!

#2: Exfoliate twice a day

Get a good base and a radiant glow by exfoliating your dull skin away twice a day. This leaves your pores prepped and ready to add in extra moisture.

#3: Take cold showers

Sure, long, hot showers or baths are divine, but they can dry your skin out immensely. Try to take short, cold showers or baths instead. I add essential oils to my bathwater for silky-soft skin!

#4: Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

Try to moisturise your skin twice or three times a day. The best time is immediately after a shower or bath, when your pores are open. Thick, rich moisturisers are best for maintaining the skin’s protective barrier.

Happy summer, everyone!


2 thoughts on “How to get holiday-ready skin in four simple steps

    • I also love hot showers, but cold water on my skin just feels so refreshing and so good on very hot days! Exfoliating twice a day is fine, provided you don’t use a harsh exfoliant 🙂 I use a light, all-natural scrub twice a day during the summer, and save the heavy duty scrubs for monthly use or only when my skin is really dry or I’m trying to remove fake tan.

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