Five natural beauty brands I’m obsessed with right now

I believe that when it comes to beauty products, sometimes less really is more. Just as interest in simpler, less-processed foods has grown, many women have also been searching for more natural, plant-based beauty products with shorter ingredient lists.


But do these natural formulas work just as well the conventional products you’ve been using? Yes, they do! Here are five fabulous plant-based beauty brands that I’m obsessed with right now.


Five natural skincare brands you need to know about

#1: S.W. Basics

Founded and manufactured in Brooklyn, New York City, this little brand is becoming a big deal very quickly. Their products are all organic, and include potent levels of the active ingredients. Turmeric, lavender and avocado oil are just a few of the wonderful ingredients you’ll find in this line, making their products perfect for sensitive skin like mine.




#2: Tata Harper

The bright green packaging says it all! This brand’s products are whipped up in small batches right on the owner’s farm in Vermont, US. So, yes, you can be sure everything is super-fresh! I love their moisturisers and eye creams, which are very soothing and hydrating for delicate, sensitive skin.




#3: RMS Beauty

This fabulous brand was founded by former make-up artist Rose-Marie Swift. It’s well-known for its popular Lip2Cheek products, which offer vibrant, long-last colours for lips and cheeks. It’s the concealers, however, that won my heart. They cover imperfections incredibly well, but look natural on your skin at the same time.


download (1)


#4: Herbivore Botanicals

True to its name, this brand is plant-based, and the products come in intoxicating scents. From face oil to body polish, the brand stocks a variety of original formulas packaged in stunning bottles you’ll want to leave on display. I especially love their Sea Mist to create beachy waves in my hair. The product contains coconut and sea salt – how divine?




#5: Cocovit

With its many uses as a natural moisturiser for skin and hair, coconut oil is having a huge beauty moment right now. Cocovit’s oil in specific is produced without heat, meaning that the finished product is 100% pure and packed with super-beneficial nutrients that can be lost when heat is used. I love using coconut oil to remove my make-up, or to hydrate my scalp when it’s feeling dry.




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