Ordinary Skincare has everything your hardworking skin needs

Let’s get real for a moment: Our skin is our largest organ, and therefore deserves lots of love, care and attention. But it can be tough finding the right products for your skin, especially if your skin type is dry or sensitive, or if you have hardworking skin… Am I right?

Let me be honest – I have very fair, sensitive skin that’s prone to redness and irritation, so I’ve been on the hunt for skincare products that will effectively help me stave off the first signs of ageing without irritating or burning my skin for quite some time.

I was on the verge of losing all hope up of finding products that work for my difficult skin type until last week, when I was handed a few products by the trendy and affordable new skincare brand that is Ordinary Skincare Co. I’m excited to announce that I’m now one week into using these new products and my skin is happier than ever before!




Let me touch a bit on the brand before I get to the products. Ordinary Skincare Co is the supplier of two skincare ranges: Plainordinary and Extraordinary. The company aims to offer honest skincare products for every skin type. They believe in providing products that are safe, that work, and that marry the finest that nature offers with the best of modern science. The ingredients in the products are ethically sourced and carefully chosen for their efficacy.

Now, if you’re anything like me, you’ve totally hopped onto the green (or natural) skincare bandwagon already. In that case, you’re dying to know more about the products I tried out – so let me tell you all about them and how they’ve worked for my skin. There are three products that I tried that I’m going to talk about: A cleanser, a day cream and a night cream.




Let’s start with the cleanser (R150). The soap-free, hypoallergenic and detergent-free formula is wonderfully gentle and mild – it’s just perfect for dry and sensitive skin! It’s made with olive oil for natural hydration as well as green rooibos extract for natural antioxidant action. There are no harsh surfactants in this product, so your natural skin barrier system isn’t harmed at all.

Since I started washing my face twice a day with this cleanser, I’ve noticed no irritations or flare-ups on my skin, which is amazing considering that most conventional cleansers break me out in a snap. It gives your skin and pores a great deep clean, and is effective at removing make-up thoroughly – even waterproof mascara. I’m just delighted by how safe and gentle but at the same time effective this cleanser is!




Next up is the day cream (R285). This moisturiser is intensely hydrating and is intended for daily application to keep skin plump and glowing. The cream is packed with an abundance of remarkably hydrating natural herbal antioxidant substances, including green rooibos, grapeseed oil, olive oil and shea butter. Co enzyme Q10 offers further antioxidant defence and superb anti-inflammatory performance.

At first I felt this cream was a bit too thick for my liking, but I’ve learned to love it. That’s probably because of the fabulous results it’s delivered since I started using it! I’ve noticed that my skin is softer and my skin tone is more even than before. Also, the appearance of fine lines under my eyes seems to have minimised. I apply it under my BB cream or foundation in the morning, and I find that it actually acts as a primer to help improve my make-up application. Pretty awesome, right? I’m all for multi-tasking beauty products!




Lastly, we have the night cream (R306). The fantastic deep and rich emulsion offers extraordinary hydration to hardworking skin. Brimming with antioxidant-rich ingredients like avocado and evening primrose oil, the cream aims to improve suppleness and tone of your skin while mopping up free radicals.

I apply the night cream to my face after using the cleanser every night before bed. I’ve noticed that when I use it, I wake up with a fresh complexion and hardly any facial lines. The product seems to almost “repair” my skin while I sleep… How incredible is that? What’s more, is I’ve even tested it out as a hand cream as my hands are also prone to dryness, and it works like a charm on this area of skin as well!




All in all, I’m simply obsessed with these products by Ordinary Skincare! In addition to the amazing skin-loving ingredients that they pack, they also come in nifty little recyclable, airless containers, which make them perfect for slipping into your handbag or suitcase. Apart from the three products I’ve tried, the range also has a SPF 30 day cream, an eye gel, a lip balm and a moisturising balm on offer.

For more information on these fabulous products, head over to Ordinary Skincare’s website by going here now. You can purchase any of their products online in just a few clicks (how convenient?). I can’t wait for you to experience these divine natural skincare products for yourselves!


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