Four quick tips for applying your day cream

When it comes to must-dos, moisturising your face is right up there with brushing your teeth. Applying a day cream is crucial for fresher, dewier skin. It will help increase your skin’s water content and repair its barrier, resulting in a healthy, gorgeous complexion! Here are my top tips for applying your day cream.




Four tips for moisturising your face

#1: Apply your day cream after your cleanser

The best time to apply day cream is right after a wash when your skin is slightly damp, so that you trap the moisture on your face’s surface. It’s fine to lube up between washings, too – like putting lip balm on dry lips.

#2: Apply the product with clean hands

Give your fingers and palms a good lathering before applying your day cream to prevent the introduction of any potentially irritating or pore-clogging bacteria onto your face Next, pat a small dab of moisturiser onto your forehead, cheeks, chin and nose – skip the oily areas.

#3: Let the moisturiser sink into your skin

After applying your day cream to your face, give it at least two minutes to try and penetrate your skin before moving on to make-up. Just like a make-up primer, a day cream needs to be absorbed.

#4: Know when skin has had enough (or not)

When your skin is well-moisturised, it’s dewy and light bounces off it. If it’s very shiny, that means it’s crossed the line into greasy. If your complexion looks a bit dull, chalky or ashy, it could be trying to tell you that it needs a more intense moisturiser.


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