Eight ways to use fresh mint on your skin

Did you know that mint is good for more than just various forms of cooking? That’s right – mint is a fantastic herb for curing many of your skin-related problems! Fresh mint can protect and soothe your skin without any side effects and with guaranteed results. Here are a few ways in which you can use the mint plant to look after your skin.




Eight skincare uses for mint

#1: To soothe irritations

Due to its great anti-inflammatory properties, mint juice can help soothe skin irritations like mosquito bites. It can also help calm and soften dry or itchy skin.

#2: To prevent lice

Apply mint oil to your hair three or four times every week to prevent and treat lice. Make sure you massage it in well and leave it on for half an hour before a bath or shower.

#3: To remove dead skin cells

Mix mint juice with raw oats and use the mixture to scrub your skin. It will slough off dead skin cells while hydrating your face and body at the same time. It can even lighten pimple marks.

#4: To soothe cracked heels

Use mint leaves by boiling them in water and soaking your feet in it. This will help soothe cracked heels and soften your feet. The aroma will also help calm your nerves and senses.

#5: To eliminate blackheads

Apply a paste of mint leaves on black-head affected areas and wash off after ten minutes.

#6: To treat acne

Salicylic acid present in mint is fantastic for treating acne. Make a paste of mint leaves and natural rose water and apply the solution to your face. Rinse off after half an hour. Doing this regularly will help get rid of stubborn acne.

#7: To control oil

Use mint leaves on your skin in the form of a paste or a face mask mixed with oatmeal to control oiliness and refresh your complexion.

#8: To relieve headaches

Apply mint leaves to your forehead to help relieve headaches and migraines.

Be sure to give this easily available natural ingredient a try in your natural skincare routine!


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