Eight foods that feed your skin, hair and nails

It doesn’t matter how many serums you slather on your skin, hair and nails – what goes in your mouth has the strongest influence on what shows up on your face! Here’s a list of my favourite skin, hair and nail superfoods.


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Eight foods to eat for beauty benefits

#1: Walnuts

The omega-3 fatty acids help strengthen skin and keep it well-hydrated.

#2: Carrots

Carotenoids protect skin against sun damage.

#3: Kiwis

A rich source of vitamin C that promotes collage growth and prevents free radical damage.

#4: Green tea

An antioxidant powerhouse!

#5: Tomatoes

Full of anti-inflammatory lycopene.

#6: Sweet potatoes

Their vitamin A promotes collagen growth and repair.

#7: Brazil nuts

High in mineral selenium, which prevents premature ageing.

#8: Oysters

Packed with zinc to renew and repair skin and nails.


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