Six mascara tips for sensitive eyes

I have sensitive eyes that don’t always play nice with mascara. One swipe of the wrong kind leaves them red, teary and inflamed – not a good look! Turns out I’m not the only one though. According to New York City-based ophthalmologist Jessica Lattman, many women have dermatitis or allergies to eye make-up.


Here’s some good news, though: Those of us with sensitive eyes can still get lush lashes. We just have to be willing to tweak our ways a little. Here’s how to wear mascara without putting your poor eyes through any strain.




Six mascara tricks for ladies with sensitive eyes

#1: Ditch the super-advanced formulas

Propriety mega-thickening formulas? Extension fibres? They’re not for you. Shop old school – the simpler, the better! Less complicated formulas means less ingredients to irritate your eyes.

#2: Opt for basic black mascara

The dyes in coloured formulas are far more likely to bother sensitive eyes. Besides, you’re way too sophisticated to look like a pageant queen from the 80s.

#3: Avoid waterproof formulas

Budge-proof sounds good… Until you have to scrub your eyes into a bloodshot mess to get it off! Go for a formula that isn’t waterproof instead to avoid itchy or irritated eyes – or your contacts popping right out on you!

#4: Ignore what the beauty insiders say

So the latest make-up trend commands that you wriggle your mascara wand close to your lash line. I beg you not to! Avoid the base of your lashes and your lower lash line to avoid irritation or even a bacterial eye infection.

#5: Remove your mascara thoroughly

Both you and I know this, but we still sometimes crash without removing our eye make-up properly. At least I do… You’re probably more disciplined! Nothing good comes of this habit – it contributes to blepharitis, which is an inflammation of the eyelid that leads to tearing and a gritty sensation.

#6: Replace your mascara every three months

Bacteria can definitely build up in your mascara, which can ultimately cause an infection. This is why it’s essential you replace your mascara at least every three months.

I hope these tips help!


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