Four lip scrubs to keep your lips in tip top shape this summer

Check out these fabulous lip scrubs to keep your pout in tip top condition this summer. They’re amazing for removing dry, cracking or peeling skin caused by wind- or sunburn.


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Four lip scrubs I love

#1: Fresh Sugar Lip Polish

An oldie but a goodie! The classic sugar scrub has been a staple in my make-up kit for quite some time – and with good reason! Its gentle exfoliating brown sugar crystals effectively remove any lipstick stains and dead skin from your lips. Another plus is that one jar of this stuff will last for months!

#2: LUSH Mint Julip Lip Scrub

This is one of my favourite LUSH lip scrubs. Its tingly peppermint concoction leaves lips feeling refreshed and ready to absorb any conditioning treatments to follow. The granules in the product are slightly rough, but quickly soften as you work them into your skin. Trust me – you just can’t beat that delightful minty fresh feeling!

#3: BLISS FabuLips Sugar Lip Scrub

Ah yes, another sugar scrub – except this one also contains almond and walnut shell fragments as well as olive oil for a moisture burst. The sugar granules in this product dissolve as you rub them into your lips while offering extreme exfoliation. It’s my go-to lip scrub on those especially rough days.

#4: AQUAREVEAL Smooth Talk Water Peel

AQUAREVEAL just introduced the first lip exfoliator that contains no sugar particles, scrubs, acids or enzymes. You simply rub the product into your lips and watch any residue and flakes seamlessly roll of the surface. The water and glycerine-based lip peel works like a charm, and comes in a super-convenient pen for easy travel and application!

With these four fantastic products you can achieve the perfect pout all-year-round!


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