How to treat dark circles and puffiness with green tea bags

I don’t usually have problems sleeping. Restless nights are in fact very uncommon for me. But I do, however, find it tough to get enough sleep most nights. I often wake up feeling pretty tired and as if I was up really late the night before. The worst thing is that when I feel I wake up feeling this way, it often shows up on my face… Yikes!


Dull skin and puffy eyes aren’t pretty. Sometimes I even get horrible dark circles under my eyes. And, let me tell you something: There’s nothing I hate more than dark, puffy eyes!


Here’s the good news, though: I recently found the greatest cure to dark circles and puffy eyes – green tea bags! Yes, the type you drink. Let me tell you more.



The properties of green tea that help with dark circles and puffiness

The two main beautifying properties are:

  • Caffeine: Caffeine shrinks the blood vessels just under your skin. This reduces swelling and puffiness rather quickly. The constricted blood vessels also help eliminate dark circles.
  • Tannins: Tannins are responsible for the colour and astringent flavour of the tea. The astringent helps constrict capillaries and blood vessels with the same effects as caffeine.

How to use green tea to minimise the appearance of dark circles and puffiness

It’s so easy! I’ve summed it up for you:

  1. You’ll first need to brew up some tea with two tea bags (they won’t work when they’re dry). Simply boil some water, pour it into a mug over the tea bags and let it steep for a minute or two.
  2. Once your tea bags have steeped, remove them from the mug and squeeze out the excess water. Let the bags cool on a plate for about ten minutes. Alternatively, you can pop them in the fridge for two or three minutes to cool down. Don’t leave them to cool longer than this or they’ll dry out!
  3. Once the tea bags have cooled (they should still be slightly damp and room temperature or cooler), run them under tap water for a few seconds then squeeze out again.
  4. Place one tea bag over each eye, then lay back and leave them on for up to ten minutes. In this time, the caffeine and tannins will get to work, and ten minutes later you’ll look and feel refreshed. Amazing!

One thought on “How to treat dark circles and puffiness with green tea bags

  1. Green tea seems to be great for the whole body! I used to drink it daily to regulate my metabolism and boost my energy levels. Never knew it could be used for my designer eyebags too!

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