Eight reasons why I would buy a NutriBullet all over again if I could

Prior to my decision to purchase a NutriBullet to make healthy juices and smoothies, I weight the pros and cons extensively. I already had an expensive juicer which had been working really well for me.


But the NutriBullet seemed to provide many things your standard juicer simply can’t, which is why I went ahead and pulled the trigger. I now use my NutriBullet every single day, and my old juicer never comes out the cupboard anymore.


Here are my top reasons to buy a NutriBullet – even if you already have an expensive blender.



Eight great reasons to own a NutriBullet

#1: It doesn’t take up much space

Most juicers or blenders are pretty massive, whereas the NutriBullet is tiny and doesn’t take up much room on the kitchen counter. It’s compact and simple with very few parts compared to most blenders.

#2: It’s mess-free

It’s actually pretty difficult to make a mess with a NutriBullet, since all of the ingredients placed inside it are easy to contain and extract with just a few simple steps. You don’t have to worry about juice shooting out too fast or getting all over the show, missing the cup below or any other common juicing issues.

#3: It’s super-portable

You can take your NutriBullet everywhere you go. It’s easy, with only the base, cup and lid with attached blades to take with you.

#4: It’s easy to use

The NutriBullet only takes a few steps. Simplicity is a great thing – especially among the healthy eaters who are used to having to do so much work to prepare their juices or meals.

#5: It retains fibre

Regular juicing is a fantastic way to deliver more nutrients to your body, but in the bigger picture it may well be better to keep the fibre intact. Much of the fibre is lost through the pulp when you use a traditional juicer, whereas the NutriBullet keeps it all in the smoothie.

#6: It saves you lots of time

As I just mentioned earlier, the NutriBullet is very easy to use. Every aspect of it is simple, which is what makes it so unique and refreshing in this day and age of over-complicated electronics. Ultimately, its simplicity will save you time. Lots of time!

#7: It’s durable

I’ve had the NutriBullet for about a year now and it still works perfectly. I’ve had a few issues in terms of blending smoothie contents but I’ve found that it’s usually been due to the fact that I’ve simply jam-packed the blender full of too many hard vegetables, such as carrots, or didn’t use enough liquid.

#8: It’s easy to clean

I hate to use a cliché, but “clean-up is a snap!”. All you have to do is rinse out the mixing cup with a bit of soapy water and place it in the dishwasher. It’s far easier to clean than most other juicers and blenders.


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