Five secrets to blending up creamy and delicious low-fat smoothies

Nothing sounds better on a hot day than a rich, creamy, fruity smoothie… Am I right? If your mouth waters at the thought of smoothies but the fitness freak inside you says too many calories!, don’t despair!


Smoothies, when done right, can have the texture of a double thick milkshake but the calories of a lunchtime salad. When done poorly, they can add to your waistline much faster than you think!


Here are my top tricks to blending up tasty low-fat smoothies.



Five low-fat smoothie tricks

#1: Opt for fat-free dairy

The first secret behind a low-fat but rich and creamy smoothie lies in the use of low-fat or fat-free milk and yoghurt, which is often the base of creamy smoothies. This will give your low-calorie smoothie a creamy consistency without any fat or sugar. You can also use skim milk for a richer and more drinkable texture.

#2: Add shaved ice

Adding shaved ice to your drink will give it a lovely smooth consistency, minus the calories! This will give your smoothie a more drinkable texture.

#3: Use sugar substitutes

To further lower the calorie intake, you may also consider adding sugar substitutes. I personally love honey or stevia in my smoothies.

#4: Substitute yoghurt with juices

Adding juice instead of milk or yoghurt can also add to the texture of your smoothie. However, I recommend that you pass over the pasteurised type and stick to the juices made from fresh fruits. If you love smoothies and intend on making these diet drinks daily, then investing in a quality blender or juicer is the way to go.

#5: Use frozen fruits

My last secret to achieving low-fat yet creamy smoothies is adding frozen fruits to the drink. This will help you add more crunchiness and reduce the unpleasant texture. It’s easy to put in the wrong ingredients and end up with an almost undrinkable puree instead of a smoothie! Frozen banana and berries, for example, almost assure a velvety and rich concoction. Yum!

Happy blending!


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