Twenty healthy alternatives to white flour

White flour is a big part of most people’s day – from pancakes and bagels to sandwiches and cookies. Don’t get me wrong – I love my white flour, but the popular ingredient isn’t good for your bodies, which is why I steer clear of it.


The good news, however, is that there are many healthy alternatives to white flour. Here’s a list of my favourite ones!

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Twenty great white flour substitutes

#1: Whole wheat flour

Be sure to choose whole wheat flour and not wheat flour.

#2: White whole wheat flour

This type of flour is made of white wheat berries. It’s more mild-tasting than regular whole wheat.

#3: Brown rice flour

This flour has a slightly nutty flavour and can be used to thicken up soups.

#4: Coconut flour

High in fibre, low in carbohydrates and a good source of protein, this flour has a lovely natural sweetness to it. Perfect for baking!

#5: Soy flour

This flour has more protein and adds a subtle, nutty flavour to recipes.

#6: Teff flour

This flour has more protein and nutrients than wheat flour.

#7: Buckwheat flour

A healthy herbal plant. This flour is perfect for pancakes and flapjacks!

#8: Oat flour

When you use this flour in recipes, you need to add more liquid as it’s rather thick.

#9: Rye flour

This flour is darker than most other types of flour.

#10: Banana flour

This delicious flour can replace any plain or self-rising flour.

#11: Tapioca flour

For subtle sweetness and chewiness, add this flour to baked goods.

#12: Almond flour

This flour is made from ground almonds.

#13: Pumpkin seed meal

You can use this flour alternative to add a nutty taste to recipes or to thicken soups.

#14: Sesame seed meal

This flour is made from ground sesame seeds.

#15: Sunflower seed meal

This flour is made from ground sunflower seeds.

#16: Chia seed meal

This flour, made from ground chia seeds, is great for cooking and baking.

#17:  Hemp flour

This flour is made from ground hemp seeds. I’m a big fan of its mild, nutty flavour.

#18: Quinoa flour

One of the most nutritious flours out there!

#19: Corn starch

A flour-like substance made from wheat or corn that makes for a great thickening agent.

#20: Xanthan gum

This complex carbohydrate adds volume and viscosity in recipes, which usually comes from gluten.


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