Six foods I love to eat in the mornings

Breakfast has got to be my favourite meal of the day! While smoothies are my go-to because they’re quick and easy to blend up, I also love toast, yoghurt bowls and a few other things in the morning.


These are my six favourite foods to eat at breakfast (plus how you can use them in a tasty morning meal). Enjoy!

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Six foods that are great in breakfasts

#1: Almond butter

You’re already familiar with my love of almond butter, right? Thought so! Almond butter is delicious on toast (especially when topped with banana and chia seeds – yum!), blended into smoothies (try it with banana and raw cacao), dolloped into smoothie bowls or smothered onto slices of green apple.

#2: Yoghurt

You simply can’t go wrong with yoghurt in the morning. Yoghurt is a great base for any creamy smoothie (is there any combination better than honey, banana, yoghurt and nuts?), and is also delicious in a simple yoghurt bowl with summer berries or chopped fruit. For some cool ways to jazz up your yoghurt, read this.

#3: Banana

Banana is the ultimate breakfast fruit, am I right?  The soft, sweet fruit is fantastic in yoghurt bowls, smoothies and smoothie bowls. I also enjoy it sliced into a warm bowl of oatmeal drizzled with raw honey and chopped with chia seeds. If you’re using banana in a smoothie, try freezing the fruit before adding it to your blender for a lovely chilled morning drink.

#4: Raw honey

Who doesn’t love honey? Whether stirred into a cup of tea, blended into a smoothie, swirled into yoghurt or oatmeal, or spread onto toast, honey is one of my favourite morning foods! I just take care not to overdo it because as you know, although a natural sweetener it’s still loaded with sugar. I stick to one tablespoon per day.

#5: Blueberries

Blueberries are little nutritional powerhouses! Packed with antioxidants, they’re delicious on their own, as a toast topper, blended into a yoghurt smoothie or in a yoghurt bowl. I love both fresh and frozen blueberries for snacking and blending!

#6: Nuts

High in protein, nuts are filling and tasty – perfect for starting the day! I love all kind of nuts, but in the mornings I most enjoy almonds and walnuts. They’re great blended into a creamy smoothie or mixed into a bowl of yoghurt and fruit for a great crunch. I also enjoy nuts in the form of nut butters and nut milks at breakfast. Yum!

How many of these delicious foods do you eat each morning?


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