Five ways to wear a dark lip without ageing yourself

When it comes to trends, some are best left to the much younger crowd (hello, Kylie Jenner’s seafoam green hair!). Dark lipstick, however, isn’t one of them.


With all of the different shades, textures and formulas on the market, there’s one out there that’s just perfect for your pout! Here’s how to master the dark lip look like an adult.

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Five expert tips for rocking a dark lip

#1: Find the right shade

First things first: You need to try out a few different colours before settling for one. I suggest avoiding beiges and browns – colours with rosiness are always more flattering even if they’re neutrals. Berry, plum and purple shades are a great place to start. Check yourself out in natural light and determine whether or not the colour complements your complexion. You don’t want to look too vampy.

#2: Decide on your preferred texture

In addition to the shade, you’ve also got to think about the sheen. Stay away from traditional mattes – they tend to be very drying, and can settle into fine lines. A flatter dark shade can also make your lips look thinner. So, instead, opt for a semi-matte or satin texture that contains light-reflective properties.

#3: Apply your lipstick like a pro

I’m a make-up artist and even I sometimes struggle applying a dark shade of lipstick to my lips flawlessly! It’s hard, but a lip brush will make things easier, as will blotting your lips with a tissue after applying the lip colour to soften the shade.

If you want to make your lips look less harsh, you can also try using your finger. Apply the lipstick normally (directly from the tube), then work the product into your lips with your index finger so it doesn’t appear as if it’s about to slide right off. You can then add a little more lipstick in the centre of your lips for extra “pop” to finish”.

If you find that you’ve gone overboard, not to worry – you can easily walk things back my cleaning up around the edges. Simply outline the perimeter of your lips with a touch of concealer on a small brush. Voila!

#4: Make your dark lips last

There’s no use going dark if it’s going to fade right away. One thing you can do to prevent it is this: Apply the lipstick, blot your lips and then apply again. This layering technique will help create a stain. So, when the colour starts rubbing off, the stain beneath will carry you over to your next application. It also helps to keep the lipstick you’re using in your handbag for when the time to reapply comes around.

#5: Keep the rest of your make-up simple

Dark lips are dramatic, so you’ll want to stick to the bare basics for the rest of your face. Depending on your facial structure and skin tone, that might mean a subtle brow fill, a tight line of brown, plum or black line, brown or black mascara, rosy cream blush, and concealer and/or foundation.

But you can also experiment with your eyes: Simply apply a clean winged liner or a smudged liner with two coats of mascara to complement your dark look.


4 thoughts on “Five ways to wear a dark lip without ageing yourself

  1. can’t wait to try it when I get back home from my holiday at my nan’s!!! They are some amazing tip, which I tried with other lipsticks, and worked perfectly!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥☻

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