Twelve things you can do to take back your health and lose weight at the same time

Are you looking to take back your health and lose weight at the same tips? Then I have just the tips for you. Prepare to sleep better, for your energy levels to climb, for your skin to glow, and to enjoy your meals, all while your excess weight melts away!

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Twelve effortless ways to melt away excess weight

#1: Start your day with a mug of warm water with lemon

This will help keep your digestive juices flowing. It also aids in morning hydration. To kick it up another notch, add apple cider vinegar for compounded health benefits like improved blood pressure and regulating the pH of your skin.

#2: Tune into your body and listen

Tune into your body and listen to it. Only eat when you feel hungry.

#3: Keep hydrated throughout the day

I recommend glugging down lemon water with a pinch of cayenne pepper. It’ll help your body flush out toxins. Aim to drink at least eight glasses a day.

#4: Make green smoothies your go-to breakfast

Have a green smoothie for breakfast four or five times a week. Here’s a recipe I like: 1 cup kale, 3/4 cup pineapple, 1 tablespoon hemp, 1 cup coconut water and ice. Starting your day with something green is a fantastic way to get nutrients early in the day.

#5: Balance out your meals

Balance your acid-forming foods, such as proteins like meat and eggs, with green vegetables. For example: If you’re having eggs for breakfast, have veggies too. There’s nothing better than scrambled eggs with parmesan and spinach (try this recipe of mine) or an omelette oozing with cheese, peppers, spinach and mushrooms. Yum!

#6: Drink a green juice every day

I highly recommend flooding your body with green juice! Ingredients like kale, cucumber, lemon and ginger will plant chlorophyll into your blood and body, which has remarkable anti-inflammatory and detoxing benefits.

#7: Limit or omit packaged and frozen foods

Snacking on whole fruits or vegetables, seeds and nuts is what I suggest instead. Packaged and frozen foods are loaded with colourants, sweeteners and preservatives. No thanks!

#8: Add iodine-rich vegetables into your diet

Sea vegetables are rich in iodine, which is great for your overall health. When you’re making soup, add seaweed. Otherwise, snack on nori chips. Yum!

#9: Limit your intake of animal protein

Swap out animal protein a few nights a week for pumpkin seeds, lentils and avocado.

#10: Make Sunday a soup day!

Make a batch of vegetable soup every Sunday and freeze leftovers for the nights that you might not have time to cook. Try out my filling, low-calorie detox soup – recipe here.

#11: Connect with nature every day

Try spending some time outside. Get your feet on the grass or on the earth, and you’ll positively affect your vibration. I call this “earthing”. Lying down with your head on the grass is another way to connect with the earth. It does wonders for both the mind and body.

#12: Dry-brush your skin before baths and showers

Use a soft skin brush to dry-brush your skin before every bath or shower. This will help remove dead skin cells and toxins that are escaping your body through your largest organ: Your skin.


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