Here are eight ways to fall back into healthy habits when life happens

You have good intentions when it comes to eating perfectly, exercising regularly and making time to find your Zen. Then, after a while, all this “trying” gets overwhelming… And you slip up.


The important thing to remember in these “I’ve messed up so I’m just going to trash the entire day” moments is this: You can get right back on track with your next decision!


In theory, it’s easy: The next time you eat an entire box of chocolate chip cookies instead of the three you’d planned on eating, simply commit to making a better choice at your next meal. Although even this can be challenging to put into practise, as with everything, healthy living is easier if you break it down into baby steps. Am I right?


Here are some helpful tips for getting back on track when life derails you!

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Eight ways to get back into healthy habits

#1: Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself

See your own patterns and, instead of beating yourself up again, laugh at yourself. It’s the smallest step of them all, but can help lead to a big change. Seriously – stop the stress, refocus, and find humour in your daily life.

#2: Add in health wherever possible

If the thought of eliminating the things you enjoy – such as that glass of wine with dinner or a decadent coffee concoction in the morning – feels too depressing, start small and add in health wherever possible. Enjoy the wine, but add in a glass of water alongside it.

#3: Realise that it’s okay to enjoy your life

I feel that I usually get thrown off track with my good intentions because life gets in the way. It’s okay to pause and enjoy your life – everyone needs a break. Give yourself one, savour it, and move on.

#4: Learn to be selfish

Whenever possible, put your health and yourself first. When you first begin this habit, it may feel wrong, but the longer you practise it, the more you’ll see the positive ripples it sends out into the world!

#5: Walk as much as you can

This is a small step that’ll make a huge impact on your overall health. Walk during conference calls, walk while you’re brainstorming, walk while your emails are downloading… Just keep walking!

#6: Challenge yourself to de-convenience your life

Things designed to make your life easier – such as grocery delivery services, restrooms on every floor of your office building and remote controls – are just opportunities to remain sedentary, thus are negatively affecting your health. So, pretend the closest restroom is out of order, or keep the remote control across the room when you’re watching TV. The more inconvenient you make your life, the more steps you’ll end up taking during the day.

#7: Make healthy meals the easy option

Find four or five healthy options and make these your mindless go-tos. Set yourself up for success and always have ingredients for these healthful meals on hand.

#8: Make time to relax

I think we’re all guilty of making mountains out of molehills. Our problems always seem bigger than everyone else’s. We think it’s harder for us, we have no time, we’re tired, and life is just so hard. Take a step back, practise gratitude, and relax. Part of living your healthiest includes reducing your stress, so why stress about being healthy?


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