Six beauty tricks to shorten your morning routine

I know how tempting it can be to hit the snooze button a few extra times on weekdays. So, for when you next find yourself with only a few minutes to get ready for work as a result of oversleeping or a crazy morning, I wanted to share some great tips on how you can streamline your beauty routine. Enjoy!

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Six beauty hacks for busy mornings

#1: Have your must-haves on hand

Pinpoint the products that make you feel your most confident. For me, it’s concealer and my eyebrow pencil. If I get to use just those two things, I’ll still be happy with my beauty routine for the day. For other ladies, it might be eyeliner and lipstick – the point is, identify your essentials and what’s most important to you so that when you’re crunched for time, you can do the most important steps first.

#2: Use multi-purpose products

Choose skincare products that double task. For example: Instead of applying SPF, a moisturiser and a serum, choose a hydrating moisturiser with an SPF. Same goes for make-up: Look for products that you can use in multiple ways, like a creme blush you can use on your cheeks and lips, or bronzer you can use on your cheeks and eyelids. Cutting out extra steps means more time to sleep in!

#3: Be sure to use the right foundation

Go for a foundation with the finish you prefer, whether it be dewy or matte. It may sound a bit obvious, but a lot of ladies don’t realise that when you choose a matte foundation, for example, you don’t need to set it with powder, which saves you an extra step. The same can be said for a luminous foundation – when you choose a product with a dewy finish, there’s no need to use a highlighter.

#4: Opt for strobing over contouring

Strobing is essentially about only highlighting your face in places the light would naturally hit it, rather than using both lighter and darker shades to contour your features. Ditch the dark contour colours to save yourself time!

#5: Learn to love dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is any busy girl’s best friend. If you don’t have time to wash, blow dry and style your hair, or are simply torn between washing it or not, this product can help. Apply it to your roots and it’ll instantly absorb oil and give your hair a fresh, “just-washed” feeling.

#6: Apply body make-up instead of fake tan

If you love looking tanned but don’t have enough time to fake tan, try using a body make-up. It’s pretty much a waterproof foundation for your entire body that you can wash off with soap and water at the end of your day. I like to smooth it over my chest, arms and legs like a moisturiser when I’m in a hurry.

How do you save time in the mornings?


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