Get ready to blast your belly fat with these top eight flat belly foods!

Are you ready to blast that bothersome belly fat? All the ab work and cardio in the world won’t give you the flat tummy you want unless you also eat clean foods. Read on to discover the top eight belly-slimming foods that will help you achieve a flat, beautiful belly!

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Eat these eight foods for a flat tummy

#1: Extra virgin olive oil

Not all fats are created equal. Extra virgin olive oil proves it! This magic oils helps slim your belly because it contains monounsaturated fat that burn fat and calories. Bonus: It also helps lower bad cholesterol levels.

#2: Almonds

This nut is packed with belly-busting power! Almonds help build muscle, reduce cravings, and make a most convenient snack. Avoid the salted type, and nibble on raw almonds that still have their skin on instead.

#3: Spinach

This low-calorie (only 40 calories per cup!), highly versatile food is a flat belly must-have! It helps you feel fuller for longer, and is also a great source of calcium, which helps your muscles contract.

#4: Avocados

A bowl of guacamole and a bag of chips isn’t what I have in mind – but slice up a fresh avocado and you’ll take it around 15 g of fibre – a great way to keep hunger at bay! Plus, enjoy just 1/4 cup of avocado and you’ll be rewarded with a full serving of monounsaturated fatty acids, which help burn belly fat.

#5: Apples

Applies are loaded with fibre, which makes your tummy feel full. The crunchy fruit also demands lots of chewing, making you think you’ve eaten more than you have.

#6: Grapefruit

Research has found that people who ate just half a cup of grapefruit three times a day lost weight without changing any other part of their diet. It’s possible that grapefruit’s acidity might slow down digestion, which helps you feel fuller for longer.

#7: Eggs

Eggs pack lots of protein, and eating a heavy dose of the nutrient at breakfast can fend off hunger as the day progresses. Bonus: Eggs also contain vitamin B12, which helps your body break down those dreaded fat cells.

#8: Nut butters

Nut butters are a yummy source of monounsaturated fat, which helps drop persistent belly fat. Spread on your favourite nut butter and feel good about a tasty treat – but don’t overdo it.


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