Product of the week: bareMinerals Good Fortune Eyecolor

Good afternoon subscribers!

I hope you’re all having a splendid week. So, after not sharing a product of the week with you last week, it’s with much excitement that I write this week’s review! Last week I barely had time to breathe, let alone swatch and sample the latest beauty buys (and I do apologise for that).

This week, though, I’m going to be sharing a rather incredible (and very versatile) product with you by one of my favourite beauty brands: bareEscentuals. The product is a shimmer powder that can be used for much more than an eye colour. That’s one of the reasons I’m totally obsessed with it!

I got this product in a gift pack I bought at Sephora in the States. I probably would’ve never purchased this product on its own because in its packaging it looks very gold (and gold doesn’t look good on my eyelids just so you know), so it’s just as well that I got it in the gift pack, or I would’ve never discovered its amazing-ness. Let me tell you all about it!

bareMinerals Good Fortune Eyecolor

Bare Minerals Eyecolor Good Fortune

Good Fortune is a beautiful shimmery peach shade shadow. It looks gorgeous alone on the lid, or blended with a matte dark brown or shimmery bronze. It’s not only pretty on the lids, though – you can use it as a highlighter, too! It’s very glimmery (read: not glittery). I use it on my temples, cupid’s bow and chin. It’s subtle enough to double as both a shadow and a highlighter. It’s unbelievably flattering!

What I also discovered recently is that you can apply this product dry or wet when you use it on your lids. In its dry form, it can be a bit messy, as it’s a loose powder rather than a pressed one. But the excess wipes away easily with a foundation sponge. When applied dry with a big, soft blending brush, a very subtle peachy brown shade is achieve. It blends out really well!

If you use it wet (just mix a drop of water with a bit of shadow on the back of your hand), it becomes super-pigmented (which is stunning!) and a little difficult to blend. So, I’d only recommend using it wet if you’re going to blend it with another shadow that’s dry, or your smokey eye might end up looking under-blended.

I think this shadow would work best on warm skin tones (pink or red undertones rather than yellow undertones), but if you have a cool complexion and have tried it before, I’d love to hear your thoughts! I’m really loving this shadow for both natural and super-smokey looks. It’s not your average peach shadow – it’s certainly worth trying out!


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