Ten incredible reasons to use bentonite clay to detox your body

Bentonite clay is a geological cray created from volcanic ash that’s been broken down by water. It has an extremely strong negative ionic charge, which means that it attracts substances with a positive ionic charge, such as bacteria, metals and toxins.


Thus, the most powerful property of this amazing clay is its ability to absorb. Here are a few great reasons to use bentonite clay to pull harmful toxins from your body for a thorough detox.



Ten detox benefits of bentonite clay

#1: It absorbs toxins before they enter your bloodstream

This is a very important function of bentonite clay, as it relieves your liver and kidneys from having to filter out too many toxins.

#2: It helps clean out your colon

This is due to the ability of bentonite clay to remove toxins and absorb great amounts of liquid.

#3: It helps repair damaged cells and tissues

It also helps build new healthy cells and tissues.

#4: It balances your body’s pH

Since it’s homeostatic, bentonite clay is able to act as a catalyst to aid your body back to a balanced state.

#5: It promotes a healthy digestive tract

It does this by means of balancing bacteria in your digestive tract.

#6: It strengthens your immune system

It improves digestion as I’ve already noted, which results in your digestive track being able to absorb more nutrients more efficiently, which in turns strengthens your immune system.

#7: It removes metals from your body

The main one being mercury, which is very poisonous to your body.

#8: It helps ease allergies

As you know, allergies are triggered by the release of histamine. When your liver is overworked by toxins, it can’t produce important antihistamines to fight allergic reactions. Bentonite clay helps cleanse and rebuild your liver.

#9: It helps with weight loss

It helps create a better environment in your body so it’s able to break down fat, sugar and nutrients more effectively.

#10: It helps heal various skin conditions

It can help treat eczema, acne, burns, insect bites, wrinkles and even cellulite.

You can use bentonite clay externally in detox baths. It’s completely safe!


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