Here are ten signs that you may suffer from a sleeping disorder

Do you find yourself relying on copious cups of coffee to get through the work day? Do you feel sleepy, drowsy and irritable most days? Signs like these may indicate that you aren’t merely tired, and that you’re instead suffering from a sleeping problem.


Here’s a quick list of symptoms that might indicate that you have a sleeping disorder. If you’ve experienced any of these symptoms over a long period of time, it’s recommended you consult a doctor as soon as possible.

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Ten symptoms of a sleeping disorder

  1. You feel sleepy or irritable during the day.
  2. You find it difficult to stay awake when you’re sitting down. For example: When you’re watching TV or reading a book.
  3. You nod off while driving.
  4. You have difficulty concentrating on work or conversations.
  5. People tell you that you look tired all the time.
  6. You struggle to remember things.
  7. Your responses and reactions are slower.
  8. You have emotional outbursts.
  9. You feel that you need to nap every day.
  10. You rely on coffee and energy drinks every day to make it through.

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