Five golden rules for buying running shoes

Shopping for running shoes can be a real pain – there, I said it. Do you want a minimal style or one with tons of cushioning? Do you have flat feet or high arches? Do you want a neutral hue, pops of colour or a funky print? And, most importantly, we’ve been taught, do you pronate or supinate? How does your foot hit the ground?


Seriously… I’m exhausted just thinking about it! So many things to consider. So, to simplify things, here are a few tips for feeling out your next pair of perfect running shoes.

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Five tips for buying a pair of running shoes

#1: Say no to slippage

Your foot should be securely locked into your shoe. Think snug, not tight.

#2: Beware pinches or pressure points

While consistent contact pressure throughout the shoe is good, you don’t want any pinching points in the forefoot or instep when flexed. Also, note that any rubbing you feel now will only be amplified during your miles.

#3: Watch for flex appeal

Shoes should move with you. If they don’t bend along the same line that your foot flexes, toss them!

#4: Watch for incorrectly placed arch support

How do you know if this is the case? You’ll feel a bump, like something is out of place, or uncomfortable pressure under your arch.

#5: Seek out structure

Those fatty pads under your foot are a natural way of providing cushioning. A shoe with a moulded footbed actually keeps the fat pads under your feet while you run so they can do their job.

Now go on, and find your very own glass slipper!


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