Here’s why you should make taking a lemon slice bath a regular thing

I’ll admit it: My mind and body takes strain pretty badly. Whether it’s stressing about finishing work before deadlines or having sore muscles after an intense week of working out, I always feel it – badly! So, yes, I suppose you can say my pain threshold isn’t very high. I’m just sensitive, okay?


Anyway, so, as a result of taking mental and physical strain so easily and regularly, I’ve adopted a number of strain-relief strategies. One of my favourites? A lemon slice bath! Sure, this may sound odd, but seriously – it works! Bathing in a tub filled with lemon slices is the perfect way to de-stress and relax after a hard day of work. Keep reading to learn about more benefits of this relaxing type of bath, plus how to prepare one for yourself.

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The benefits of taking a lemon slice bath

The actual benefits of this bath are:

  • It warms up and relaxes tense or sore muscles
  • It pulls harmful toxins out of your body through your skin
  • It uplifts your spirits, mainly through the scent
  • It evens out your body’s skin tone

That’s right – a lemon slice bath will improve your mental as well as physical health, and will beautify your skin at the same time!

How to make your own lemon slice bath

It’s so easy! Here’s how:

  1. Fill up your bathtub with warm water.
  2. Slice up 3-4 lemons and place the slices in your bathwater.
  3. Allow the lemons to soak in the water for five minutes.
  4. Get in, sit back and enjoy!

Tip: When you’re in your lemon slice bath, try visualising all the bad energy and toxins leaving your body through your skin, into the lemon to be purified and let back in the water for your body to reuse. Enjoy this time with yourself, and be thankful that there are such wonderful natural ways to feel uplifted and beautiful!


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