It’s the weekend, baby! Time to go make stories for Monday…

Happy Friday everybody!

I trust you’ve all had a fabulous week. I’m in such a great mood today – I’ve been super productive this week and have lots to look forward to this weekend! Plus, the weather today is so beautiful and warm! So it’s all smiles this side. Before I close my laptop for the weekend, I want to tell you a bit more about what I’m going to be getting up to this weekend…


Now, darlings, it’s been a long month… And I’ve been working hard! So, tonight, I’m heading down to Hogshead in Illovo for a glass (or five) of wine! Hogshead is a good vibe for drinks and eats on a Friday evening. It’s a great spot for after-work drinks on any day of the week, in actual fact.

Tomorrow, I’m super excited to finally be going to the Johannesburg Zoo! I’m very much an animal lover, and am loving every minute of exploring my new city. And, considering the Joburg Zoo is one of the city’s biggest attractions, I’ve just got to go! After that little trip, which should be lots of fun, I’m heading over to Pinkie Fest, an outdoor music festival in Emmarentia. I really love outdoor parties – they’re so much fun and so much better than crowded clubs!

On Sunday, I’m going to the Fourways Farmers Market with a girlfriend of mine, which should be lots of fun. I haven’t been in a while, and the market is such a lovely place to spend a Sunday!


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy the last bit of August 🙂

Can’t wait to write back to you all next week! Thanks everyone for all the very kind comments this week. It’s so motivating and I really appreciate it!




Six garments every girl needs in her wardrobe

Good afternoon subscribers!

I thought I’d write this post while I have a bit of time on my hands. Last night, I spent a couple of hours reorganising my wardrobe. Because, well, it’s almost spring – so it really needed the revamp! While I was doing it, I really got to thinking about what my staple items are. I tend to prefer simple clothing with a twist, and I think investing in a key fabulous key pieces can really carry you far.

So, today, I’m going to share the six garments I believe every girl needs in her wardrobe, with you. These items are all super-versatile, so you can wear them a million different ways and don’t have to spend tons of money to feel stylish! So here are my picks…

My six wardrobe staples

#1: A white blouse


A white blouse is a must-have because it’s suitable for work, a day of shopping, or even a fancy dinner. Where to find one: Woolworths, Country Road, Zara.

#2: A pair of black tights


Perfect for slipping on under an oversized jersey or a long top. Or, for when you simply just aren’t in the mood for jeans (but please note: tights are not pants!). Where to find a pair: Woolworths, Mango, Topshop.

#3: A black bodysuit


img-thing (2)

Bodysuits are oh-so-stylish. A plain black one is great for wearing with pants, a skirt or even shorts. While plain is the best type to go for, I must add that I’m just loving mesh bodysuits at the moment! Where to find one: Topshop, Forever New, YDE.

#4: A long high-waisted skirt

img-thing (1)


Long skirts are super elegant, and work well with crop tops, body suits and even blouses. Go for one in a neutral colour like black, grey or white. Once you’ve invested in that, don’t be afraid to try out bright colours like bright coral or royal blue! Where to find one: Topshop, Forever New, YDE.

#5: A faux leather jacket


If you’ve got the cash to splash on real leather, then why not? Otherwise, faux leather is great too! I prefer tan jackets, but black is a great choice too. Where to find one: Zara, Topshop, YDE.

#6: A sling bag



Sometimes you’re just not in the mood to tote around a big, bulky designer bag – and that’s where the sling bag comes in! Just make sure it’s spacious enough to fit all your necessities, otherwise it’ll end up being a pretty impractical purchase. Where to find one: River Island, Steve Madden, Aldo.

What are your wardrobe staples? I’d love to hear from you!

There’s now a lipstick called Ladies Who Lunch… Can you say obsessed?

Hi darlings! Happy Friday to you all!

So, yesterday I popped into the MAC store in Sandton City to pick up a new tub of Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Eye Cream (my go-to eye cream) I had about twenty minutes to wait before an artist became available to help me. Yes, it takes that long to get service in this store – I find it pretty ridiculous, but what’s a girl to do? Anyway, I’m not really complaining – I used this waiting time to swatch every new lipstick and blush I could get my paws on. I must also add that I’m loving MAC’s new Le Disko Collection! All of the products are so glittery and glamorous. I’ll definitely be back (after payday) to pick up a few goodies from this collection!

Anyway, back to the point of this post… So, during my swatching session I started examining the names of all the Mineralize Rich Lipsticks on the undersides of the tubes. Now, you already know I just adore my pink lipsticks… So, I naturally opted for the bold pink shades first. And I came across a shade called Ladies Who Lunch! Can you say obsessed? I then tried it on. Ladies Who Lunch is a lovely, light cool pink lippie – very creamy, with blue-based cool undertones and a natural sheen. Let me tell you more…


Okay, okay – I’ll admit I’m giggling here. You’re probably wondering why I’m so obsessed with a pretty average-looking pink lipstick. Truth be told I just love the name. “Ladies who lunch” is a phrase used to describe well-off, well-dressed ladies who meet for social luncheons typically during the week. If you browse my Instagram you’ll notice I use the #LadiesWhoLunch hashtag on the reg. So, yeah, I thought the name of this lippie was pretty cool! And after trying it on, I kind of fell in love with the shade too!

Ladies Who Lunch gave my lips a mostly opaque colour coverage. It applied evenly and settled well into my lips. A very manageable lipstick, to put it that way. It was also really hydrating, as Mineralize lipsticks are…

I went on to buy this lipstick. I love it! It’s super subtle and I feel it’ll be great to use for when my lips are dry and dull and need a pick-me-up. If you like the colour, you’ll also like:

  • MAC Rose Lily (sheerer and lighter)
  • NARS Villa Lante (more matte and darker)
  • YSL Fetish Pink (brighter and darker)
  • NARS Roman Holiday (much sheerer)
  • Maybelline Pink Pop (more cool-toned)
  • MAC Divine Choice (a touch darker)


Have you tried this lipstick, or any others from the Mineralize range? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Clean eating blueberry smoothie recipe

Smoothies are a great way to start off a busy morning. Breakfast is ready in two seconds flat (well, okay, maybe five minutes) and you’re out the door with a travel mug brimming with nutrients. Can’t beat that with a stick!


The recipe I’m sharing with you today is great because it’s deliciously fruity and super healthy! Perfect for anyone who’s jumped on the clean eating bandwagon. I hope you enjoy!

large (1)


Blueberry super smoothie recipe

Serves: 2


  • 1 cup frozen blueberries (make sure they’re sugar-free)
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds (flax seeds will work too if you grind them up first)
  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder (unflavoured protein powder will work too)
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract


  1. Add all the ingredients to a blender.
  2. Blend the ingredients until smooth.
  3. Serve immediately.

Product of the week: GOSH Cosmetics Gradual Tan in Medium to Dark

Hi my lovelies!

Happy Thursday to you all! My goodness, how quickly has this week flown by? I can barely believe it’s Thursday again! And you know what that means… It’s time for another “product of the week” review. So, let me start by saying this – for the past couple of weeks now, I’ve been raving about GOSH Cosmetics’ tanning range. I’ve already reviewed three of their tanning products (if you missed my review go here now), but in that review I actually left one product out because I hadn’t yet tried it – the Gradual Tan lotion.

Now, I’m not one for “gradual tan” products… If I’m going to dedicate two hours of my evening scrubbing down my body and twisting my body into all sorts of funny positions to seamlessly apply a fake tan product, I want to wake up looking like a bronzed goddess. I’ve had a few pretty bad experiences with gradual tan products in the past. For example, the St Tropez Gradual Tan Everyday Body Medium/Dark, which is pretty expensive, did nothing for my skin but give it that horrible fake tan smell. Ugh! Seriously, it gave my body no colour at all. It was like a regular body lotion – with a R450 price tag, though. So that was disappointing and a complete waste of money.

So, yes, I was hesitant to try GOSH’s gradual tan lotion. You’re probably wondering why I bought it and, well, the answer’s simple: It was cheap. For some reason the Edgars in Melrose Arch is always having a promotion on GOSH products. So I picked up a bunch of different tanning products from their range for cheap-cheap. And, this week, I finally got around to trying out the Gradual Tan lotion – and, my wonderful subscribers, was I ever so surprised! In a good way…

GOSH Cosmetics Gradual Tan in Medium to Dark


GOSH Gradual Tan is a super-light, super-natural fake tan lotion. I opted for the Medium to Dark shade. When I first swatched it on my hand, I thought oh no! It’s at least five shades lighter than GOSH’s normal self tan lotion. So, when I pumped a bit of this out onto the back of my hand for the first time, I was super disappointed and naturally assumed this product would be too light to add any colour to my skin. Then, last night, I decided I’d apply this stuff to my entire body. It’s almost the weekend so, yes, I was in need of a tan. But I’d also just spent the best part of my evening ironing and putting on fresh, crisp white bed sheets – so I didn’t exactly want to wake up to not-so-clean white bed sheets this morning thanks to dark fake tan excess.

Anyway, so I applied the lotion using my normal Caribbean Tan tanning mitt with latex gloves underneath to avoid my hands getting stained. After finishing applying the lotion to my entire body and face, I was impressed by the result. One thing I must admit I really adore about GOSH tanning products is that they give your skin instant colour. Now, I’m really pale. As in, really, really pale! But this lotion perked up my super-light skin and gave it a gorgeous, healthy, natural-looking tan straight away.

While I let the tan dry for five minutes (yup, it only takes that long to set before you can put clothes on – another bonus!) I took a look at the ingredients list and that too impressed me. Aloe vera, shea butter, sweet almond oil and goji berries are among a few of the fabulous ingredients that go into this product. So, it’s no wonder this lotion is so wonderfully nourishing!

I went to bed with my fresh coat of tan on, and woke up this morning with an even bigger smile on my face! Overnight, the tan developed super well. I woke up a good 2-3 shades darker than I went to bed. I jumped in the shower and splashed my body with water to get rid of the excess and then, voila! I was a (lightly) bronzed goddess. The best part is it looks natural – no one will guess this came out of a bottle.

I must also note that I have sensitive skin, so I’m sometimes hesitant applying fake tan to my face. But sometimes I’ve just got to, to try it out, you know? This lotion didn’t irritate or tighten my facial skin at all! Many others do, so this especially impressed me. The lotion is so light, and it sank into my face and body so well.

Overall, I adore this product! I think it’s gonna be my new go-to for when I’m wanting a light, natural-looking tan. It’s a great lotion to use to pep up pale skin in minutes. Plus, it’ll leave your face and body feeling super smooth without clogging up your pores or leaving your skin feeling super-oily. I definitely recommend this faux tan to you all! Especially if you’re a novice fake tanner or haven’t used fake tan before – it’s that easy to apply!

Have you used this product before? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Five top picnic spots in Cape Town to celebrate Spring Day!

Warmer weather is upon us at long last! And that only means one thing: It’s time to get out your picnic basket, a blanket, chairs and some yummy eats to celebrate the commencement of spring! Whether you fancy squashed jam sandwiches on the beachfront or a gourmet champagne hamper in the winelands, here are five top places in Cape Town to enjoy a spot of picnicking in the spring sunshine.

large (2)


#1: Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

Kirstenbosch is the perfect place to take in the beauty of nature, rare plant species, exotic birds, beautiful greenery, and breath-taking mountain views. Pack a basket full of yummy eats like summer fruits, raw veggies, crackers, cheeses and hummus, get your walking shoes on and you’re ready to go! There are so many wonderful walking trails in these fabulous gardens. Make sure you take a stroll up the Boomslang – it’s the most spectacular tree canopy walkway!


#2: Llandudno Beach

Llandudno is one of Cape Town’s most picturesque beaches. From the water’s edge, the setting is even more appealing, with the beach perfectly framed by natural bush, and Judas Peak and Klein Leeukoppie (“little lion’s head”) rearing up on either side to form a dramatic mountain backdrop. Needless to say, Llandudno is the perfect place for a romantic springtime picnic. Don’t forget to pack the chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne!


#3: Eagles Nest

Cradled in the secluded valley on the slopes of the Constantia Mountains, Eagles Nest is characterised by steep slopes and a super pretty garden setting. For just R375, you can pick up a ready-made picnic basket for two packed with home-baked breads, fresh salads, exotic cheeses, a bottle of wine and other gourmet goodies. Their meats, cheeses and wines are just to-die-for! If you’re vegetarian, you’ll be glad to know they also offer vegetarian picnic baskets.


#4: Spier

One of South Africa’s oldest wine farms, Spier is well-known for its peaceful setting and gorgeous views of the Cape Winelands. Expect vast lawns, beautiful trees, a big dam and colourful birds. Take your own picnic basket, or book one through the wine farm’s restaurant, Eight to Go, from R320 and indulge in their fresh homemade breads, farmhouse cheeses, pasture-reared cold cuts and divine wine!


#5: Cape Point Vineyards

I just love this beautiful, rustic mountainside spot, which offers the most calming views of Noordhoek Beach. For R395 you can pick up a lovely old-fashioned picnic lunch (just make sure you book it at least 24 hours in advance). They offer vegetarian and kids options too, which is great. If you feel like kicking your shoes off, sitting back and soaking up the sunshine in the most tranquil setting imaginable, this is definitely the place to go!


Banana and peanut butter breakfast smoothie recipe

This smoothie makes a great, nutritious breakfast drink with a delightful nutty flavour. It’s the perfect way to get your fruits and protein first thing in the morning!




  • 1 frozen banana, cut into chunks
  • 1 tbsp organic peanut butter
  • 1/2 cup cold soy milk or skim milk
  • 3-4 ice cubes


  1. In a blender, puree the frozen banana, processing for about 30 seconds.
  2. Add the peanut butter, then process again.
  3. Now add the milk and ice cubes, and process until smooth.
  4. Pour into a tall glass or bottle and enjoy!