What’s in my emergency make-up bag

Hello loves!

It’s been a long time since I last wrote about my current beauty favourites, so I thought that I’d give you all a bit of an update. However, I decided to give this post a bit of a twist – instead of updating you all on my favourite cosmetics right now, I thought an update on my favourite emergency cosmetics would make things a little bit more interesting (especially with the change of season, end of year stress and other factors we’re all facing right now that so easily lead to breakouts and bad skin!). I’ll be doing a part two of this post soon so if you enjoy this one, keep your eyes peeled for the follow up. Happy reading and a beautiful Friday to you all!

bodys 2

1. MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage
I know I’ve mentioned this amazing product in a number of different posts, but it really does deserve the credit. This ultra lightweight lotion is my saviour when it comes to bad skin. Having naturally fair and sensitive skin, I struggle with redness and blemishes on a regular basis, and it’s horrible to say the least. This product, affectionately known as my MAC Skin to me, is simply amazing. I apply it straight after I jump out of the shower to soothe the redness in my skin. It also helps with cooling down broken skin (believe it or not) and evening out your complexion. I then apply a second application before I start my make-up – it lays down a great base for foundation and eye make-up! If you don’t already have this baby in your make-up bag, please do yourself a favour and invest in it. You won’t be sorry!

2. LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub
As overpriced as this tiny tub of flavoured cane sugar may be, it’s a winner. I’m prone to dry lips (especially in the case of weather changes), so I find this nifty little pot of sweetness rather handy. Just a touch of product on your lips is enough to scrub off all dry skin and leave you feeling pouty as ever. Looking to wear a matte lipstick but feel your lips are too dry to pull it off? No problem – use this product just before your lipstick application and you’ll have created the perfect base to apply your favourite lipstick, that will now glide on more smoothly than ever. I also love the Popcorn flavour, but Bubblegum wins overall for me (for the love of pink)!

3. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream
This product is a miracle-maker when it comes to transforming dull, dry lips to healthy, hydrated ones. Just a dab of this unfortunately pretty sticky (that’s about its only con in my opinion) before you start your make-up is all you need. By the time you get to your lipstick (usually at the end of your make-up regime), your lips will be left feeling intensely moisturised. I sometimes pair this with my Dior Lip Glow (rather heftily priced but great for girls who aren’t big lipstick fans) to revive my lips’ natural colour and get them looking as healthy as ever.

4. MAC Mineralize Concealer
Admit it, some days you roll out of bed and dread the thought of going through your perfected foundation routine before work. Well, luckily for us, there are concealers – and this one does just the job for me. Whether I’m in a rush or just plain lazy, I always cover up spots and blemishes with this beloved concealer of mine. It’s also great for highlighting under the eyes for a fresh-faced look, and can be set with any translucent powder without looking cakey. It also doesn’t break me out which is, of course, another huge plus! I’m yet to try the Pro Longwear Concealer but when I do, I’ll definitely do a comparison post.

5. MAC Matte Face Blush in Prism
I’m kind of over shimmer blushes for now (this won’t last long, I can assure you), so when I found this product, I was instantly impressed. Prism is a very natural brown/earthy-toned blush that adds a natural sunkissed-looking contour to the cheeks. I use it with my angled contouring brush and the results are always fantastic. It’s so quick and easy to apply because it requires little blending, so if you have this product in your make-up bag, you can never excuse bare cheeks!


Top beauty trends for summer!

Summer is here to stay, and these gorgeous beauty trends will be on all of our faces before we know it. Start practising now as I reveal the most wearable, flattering and show-stoppingly sexy beauty trends of this summer.

The bare and beautiful face
As ironic as it may be, the biggest trend this summer is a fresh and flawless face without much makeup. Eye creams, cream concealers and lip conditioners will help you achieve a natural, flawless complexion. Also, opt for light to medium coverage liquid foundations as well as subtle illuminators for a touch of radiance.

flawless skin

The lilac and lavender smokey eye
Pretty shades of purple on the eyes can be girly when pale and pastel, glamorous when dark and shimmery and quirky when bold and bright. Build up a purple shade on top of a nude eye shadow to create beautiful subtle eyes for summer. Keep your foundation light and the rest of your makeup minimal to pull off the perfect purple gaze.

purple eyes

The coral pout
It’s pretty much safe to say that orange is the new red this season, and the good news is that there’s a perfect shade of it out there for every skin tone. Whether it’s a neon matte orange or a soft satin coral that suits you best, you can be sure that coral lips are all the rage this summer. You can also pucker up your pout by adding a touch of clear lipgloss over your lippie of choice.

coral lips

The defined brows
They frame your face and determine your expression, and have grown to become a treasured feature. Switching from spring’s longing for naturalness, this summer is all about full, defined brows. Sport bold brows by using a pressed powder or brow pencil in a shade darker than your brows and keep them in place all day by using a clear brow gel.


The sun-kissed glow
If there’s one beauty trend that returns every summer, it’s that bronzed, golden girl look. Go for brown, bronze or golden shades of blush that add a dewy, shimmery radiance to the cheeks. Under makeup bronzing bases and all-over body foundations will help you match up the colour of your body to your face.

bronze makeup1

Five eye creams I love

Often placed at the end of your beauty routine, eye creams can sometimes be forgotten in the whirlwind of cleansers, toners and moisturisers. Although the delicate eye area differs from person to person, there are a number of different products on the market that are designed to offer unique protection for your under-eye skin. Find one that suits you and you’ll use it religiously, forevermore! Here are five of my top picks.

1. Crème de la Mer The Eye Concentrate
If you’re in search of the crème de la crème of all eye creams, search no further. This concentrated, ultraluxe eye treatment quenches and conditions the under eye skin while significantly reducing the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. The milky smooth cream is infused with three unique forms of Miracle Broth™, which is well-known for its revitalising and renewing properties. Working synergistically with the included silver-tipped applicator also helps cool the skin.


2. Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Exceptional Complete Care Eye and Lip Cream
This beautifully packaged, travel-friendly product is packed with orchid extract to help firm, supple and smooth the under eye skin as well as fight the signs of aging. The thick, whipped cream soaks right into the delicate under eye skin, leaving the area feeling radiated and revitalised. It also creates a great base before applying eye makeup.


3. The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream
Don’t be fooled by the small packaging – a tiny drop of this super-moisturising eye cream is all you need to do the trick! The soothing, Vitamin E-enriched cream leaves the skin feeling hydrated without feeling sticky. Another bonus? It provides a cooling effect that leaves the under eye skin feeling awake and refreshed for hours. Plus, it’s perfectly handbag-sized.


4. La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Lift Eye Cream
Treat your eyes with the ultimate caviar anti-aging eye concentrate. This luxurious, illuminating product targets the seven most prominent eye area agers – fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, loss of elasticity, puffiness, dark circles and dryness. Its incredibly smooth texture will melt into your skin, leaving you feeling like a million bucks and nowhere close to guilty about its hefty price tag.


5. Dior Hydra Life Pro-Youth Sorbet Eye Crème
A comfortable, light-textured eye cream designed to reduce puffiness and dark circles while boosting the skin with radiance. This baby’s fast-absorbing essential reconciles the freshness of a gel and the softness of a cream, and delivers powerful effects while respecting the fragile eye contour area. A must-add to your skincare shelf!