The Master Cleanse Diet: Yay or nay?



Oh, the good old Master Cleanse Diet… Beyonce did it, so does that mean you should do it? Well, it’s time to take a look at the pros and cons!


The Master Cleanse diet is an intense liquid diet that can be carried out for 10-40 days. It entails replacing all liquids and solids with nothing more than still water, a morning saltwater flush, a concoction of still water, freshly-squeezed lemon juice, organic dark maple syrup and cayenne pepper, and a nightly dose of laxatives. This diet is said to be the detox of all detoxes – but is this extremely low-calorie “eating” plan really good for you?


There are no studies that prove that the Master Cleanse Diet is actually beneficial to one’s health, which is what got me a little worried. Although it guarantees rapid weight loss, it also guarantees that you’ll pile all of your lost pounds straight back on as soon as you end the cleanse. Worth it? In my opinion, not so much. From a detox point of view, perhaps it could be. However, this diet also comes with a number of side effects: fatigue, headaches, low energy levels and tiredness to name a few. But when you’re lacking much-needed nutrients, what else would you expect?


Overall, I don’t think the Master Cleanse Diet is the way to go, unless you’re looking for a serious quick-fix! Stay tuned, for I’ll be posting a few healthy, nutritious AND delicious smoothie recipes and liquid diet plans over the weekend!




My new favourite Lush lotions and bath products!





Hello lovelies!


So, after a sneaky little shop today, I ended up coming home with a handful of exciting new products from one of my favourite brands, Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics! Please do read on for short reviews on four of my favourite new products.



I love this product for its refreshing scent and the way that it looks (kind of like a strawberry smoothie!). It has a lovely cooling effect, and I can imagine it being a great post-gym lotion to used on sore heels! However, I must admit that this product isn’t intensely moisturising. If you’re looking for an effective, inexpensive intensive moisturiser, try Walgreens Complete Moisture Lotion – I bought mine for just 99c in New York City two winters ago and the tube is still half full!



I absolutely love this lotion! It has a delightful fruity vanilla smell that lasts for hours and hours. Its medium consistency makes blending into the skin easy, and it doesn’t leave a sticky or greasy after-feel like most moisturisers do. This baby has definitely made its way onto my list of favourite body lotions! Yum!



Okay, so I’ve been using these for a while now, and I just love them! I thought I’d just type up a quick review considering I’ve never reviewed these products before. The Sex Bomb and the Honey Bee Bomb are my favourites! Lush’s Bath Bombs dissolve completely into your bath water without leaving any residue on your body when you climb out which I love! They also scent and colour the water beautifully. A glass of champers, a bowl of chocolate-covered strawberries and a good book to read in a heavenly scented bath? Sounds like a perfect Friday night plan to me!



After eyeing this product in stores for months, I finally decided to give in and buy it. And, I must add, that I have no regrets! This frothy and fluffy bubble bar smells of vanilla and cotton candy – absolutely heavenly – and leaves your bath bright pink and delightfully sugary! I felt as if I was bathing in my favourite sweet shop when I popped one of these into my tub. A must-buy!